Goku Vs Beerus: Who is a Winner?

Beerus Vs Goku, Fans were treated with tonnes of information when the 2015 Dragon Ball Super entry was announced. In this respect, the idea of a Super Saiyan God also played a role.

Due to Beerus’s exposure to Goku’s a-grade abilities, the Z Fighters now had to take on more formidable foes. Speculation has arisen among viewers as to who would come out on top in a fight between Beerus and Goku.

There is no official word yet on whether or not Goku can beat Beerus. As the chapters have shown, many fans believe that Beerus has the potential to defeat Goku at any point. What reasoning did you use to arrive at this verdict? In subsequent chapters, we hope to find out if Goku will be able to overcome the God of Destruction.
I’ll explain everything, and you’ll see how Goku can defeat Beerus someday. After I show you everything these two most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball Universe, or should I say Universe 7, are capable of, you’ll be able to make a more informed evaluation of their abilities.

The Powers of Beerus

Beerus, as a god of annihilation, enjoys nothing more than wiping out planets’ populations. And he’s powerful enough to wipe out entire solar systems. With this information in hand, you should be able to understand why Beerus is so much stronger than the other Dragon Ball combatants. Beerus completely overpowered Super Saiyan 3 Goku. He restrained his energy and gave the Saiyan an overhand chop to the neck, knocking him out.

Even if you fuse two Vegetas, you still won’t be able to beat the quality of Beerus, the best beer around at the time. Vegeta, at the Super Saiyan 2 level, was knocked out by a blow to the head. Despite Goku’s best efforts with his Super Saiyan God Power, Beerus prevailed. Beerus also told Goku that Whis, his teacher, isn’t the strongest person in the universe.

Whis found out later that Beerus only used about 70% of his total power. He hadn’t needed to do this in a long, so it was a welcome challenge. He has so much power that if he tapped his finger on a planet, it would disappear. As an aside, he managed to wipe out a whole planet by merely pointing his finger’s worth of energy at it.
Beerus has the potential to wipe out all life in the universe, according to the Supreme Kais.

In a later chapter, it is indicated that Beerus, at full strength, could wipe out the entire universe. Beerus is “far beyond strong,” according to King Kai. Beerus is lightning fast, too. From his temple, he can reach any planet in the galaxy or any star system in less than two minutes. Because of this, he can travel extremely long distances without having to rely on Whis.

When the God of Destruction sneezes, planets explode. He has beaten Gotenks with only two fingers’ worth of power suppression, as well as Majin Boo and Ultimate Gohan, with relative ease. Because of the potency of his ki, he needed only a small percentage of Piccolo’s, Tien Shinhan’s, and Android 18’s total effort to fend off their combined assault. When compared to other Gods of Destruction, he is unrivalled in power. While surrounded by gods from different universes, he managed to evade nearly all of their attacks.

The fight ended with him avoiding the blow but still suffering injuries.
Beerus had the upper hand against Vegeta’s evolved Super Saiyan state. Beerus immediately defeated him despite his increased strength from Spirit Control. Beerus, who was formerly feared and powerful as a deity, admitted that his martial arts instructor Whis was superior to him.

In addition to Zeno being more potent than Beerus, he is also the supreme god and ruler of all universes. Beerus has been around for a very long time, so he has had plenty of time to hone his combat skills and develop strategies for dealing with threats.

Many of his abilities as God of Destruction were honed over many years of training. He is an expert Z-fighter in every way, able to fly, use Ki blasts, and use Ultra Instinct (although imperfectly). Similarly, he learned from Whis and, after years of study, became the deity of destruction in Universe 7.

The God of Destruction, Beerus, can put an end to anything, including ghosts. The term “Hakai” is used to describe this talent. Hakai describes Beerus’s capacity to rot his opponent. He does this by holding out one hand, palm facing up, four index fingers extended, and thumb crossed over the palm. In the film Battle of the Gods, Beerus demonstrates his devastating power by crushing an egg into powder with a single touch. Dr Mashirito and Zamasu are annihilated using this method.

Goku and His Powers


A member of the alien warrior race known as the Saiyans, Goku is endowed with a plethora of superhuman abilities. Along the course of the Dragon Ball Saga, he gradually becomes a physical demigod. His incredible power allows him to destroy the vast majority of weaponry on Earth. He is so powerful that not even Frieza in his ultimate form is safe from him (who can survive an explosion on a planet while weak).

Goku Vs Beerus
Goku Vs Beerus

It’s not just that he’s strong; he can also fly at speeds beyond the capabilities of a human. Beerus is demonstrated to have a minimal response time and the ability to move when provoked. He can go much faster than the speed of light and is capable of supersonic flight. He has tremendous durability and strength beyond that of a human. He is so strong that even the energy of the global force does not affect him.

Although he is formidable, he is not invincible and can be defeated by equally or more potent opponents. Traditional weapons like rifles can hurt him if he isn’t careful. He has extraordinary perception. He has the quickness of thought and reaction of a god. He can readily avoid or catch missiles from weapons, and he can fight at speeds that rival his opponents.

Improved olfactory, gustatory, and visual acuity are among Saiyan’s other superpowers. His innate combat skills and awareness will benefit from this to an even greater degree. Goku can use techniques and transformations that are taxing on his energy or risky for his wounds even though he is physically and mentally capable of exerting himself even when tired. This was clear when, as a young man, he vanquished Piccolo despite Piccolo’s shattered limbs and fatal wounds.

When it mattered most, he kept going in the Tournament of Power. Despite his injuries and exhaustion, he kept going. As a result of his robust lungs, he can take in oxygen from the air around him while engaging in battle with Beerus.

Goku’s other abilities

Godly K Mastery is another one of Goku’s abilities, and it allows him to assume the forms of the Gods. This gives him a huge advantage. By channelling the Godly Ki, Goku can achieve godlike transformations like the Super Saiyan God or Super Saiyan Blue. He has the abilities of quick transmission, energy nullification, flight, spirit control, energy nullification, and Ki sensing.
Goku’s years of training in warfare have made him an adept fighter. Goku can use a scaled-down version of Beerus’ Hakai to study his foes’ fighting styles and adjust accordingly. Goku would be taught by Whis, the God of Destruction. If he wanted to learn Autonomous Ultra Instinct, Whis would teach him. He planned to perfect a rare condition that could only be unlocked at the Tournament of Power.

Beerus Vs Goku:  Verdict

Story-wise, Goku has an advantage because he is familiar with Ultra Instinct. Beerus is lacking this ability. Instantaneous transmission is something Beerus can’t keep up with, too. As a result, Goku may be able to defeat the deity by attacking him in his vulnerable spot. Goku is well-versed in the “improving yourself” motif of Dragon Ball, thus we can expect him to keep up the good fight against the Gods of Destruction and Angels in the upcoming Arcs.

Beerus is stronger than Jiren, who was also vanquished by Goku. In contrast to Goku, Beerus is not limited in the number of opponents he can take on at once. Characters that are gods of destruction must follow certain guidelines. Although it’s not legally forbidden, they can’t battle an opposing god or intergalactic disaster. That would be the end of their universe forever. This would prevent him from improving his fighting skills, unlike Goku, who can prepare for a fight against Beerus by defeating lesser Gods.

No one knows if Beerus has weakened or not, and he may not be hiding all of his might. Beerus is positioned as a showdown opponent to test Goku’s mettle. Until we see a rematch between Goku and Beerus in the pages of Dragon Ball, we can’t say for sure who will prevail. However, Goku’s limitless potential means that he just might be able to utterly vanquish Beerus at 100% power.

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