Grizzly Man Death: Why Was He Killed By a Bear?

“The Grizzly Man,” a nickname given to naturalist Timothy Treadwell for his extreme fondness of bears, is a fitting moniker. Things took a sad turn when a wild bear mauled him and his girlfriend.

Treadwell’s final movie shows a man repeatedly swimming into the river for a dead fish only hours before he drowned. The naturalist said he didn’t feel completely safe around the bear; Grizzly Man director Werner Herzog suggests that Treadwell filmed the same grizzly that murdered him. Why did it terminate his life and his lover’s life, though?

It wasn’t a mother defending her cubs since there were none to be seen in the clip. Instead, it was a nomadic man who was very underweight and willing to go to great lengths for the remnants of a single fish. According to Herzog, it was probably one of the few bears Treadwell hadn’t habituated to himself. The above is only one possible explanation.

Grizzly Man Death

Other people think Treadwell was mad, deluded, or bipolar. After all, he knowingly let himself be killed and devoured by the most dangerous creature in North America because he had a death desire.

Half campaigner, part actor, and mainly mystery, Timothy Treadwell was the Grizzly Man who spent 13 summers among the animals. While his hopes of becoming a movie star in Hollywood were ultimately dashed, his life had the makings of a great screenplay. Some documentaries have even been made on him, the most well-known being Grizzly Man by Werner Herzog.

The private life of Treadwell was almost as much of a show as the public one. He used to be a world-famous record-setting scuba diver but has since tried on several different personas. He adopted other personas as he traveled, including that of an Englishman who was fostered as a child. This has led others to wonder if Treadwell was more a scam artist than an “eco-warrior” since his reasons for saving the bears had been called into doubt.

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