GTA 6 Map Leak Indicates a Genuinely Large Open World

Eek, Grand Theft Auto VI. Although a trailer for the new Grand Theft Auto game has not yet been released, we know a lot more about the game than Rockstar would like us to because of a massive leak that leaked online last month. The leak reveals the game’s protagonists and Vice City as the setting.

According to GamesRadar+, one Reddit user has gone above and beyond the leaks to estimate the game’s scope. ChurchofGTA has used the leak’s coordinates, and those for Los Santos from GTA V to create a map of the potential size of GTA VI’s area may be.

However, before you check into it, know that some details, like the map’s size, may alter even if the leak from last month was verified. Because the leaked footage is so early in the game’s development, changes like this are possible before the final product is released. But, disclaimers aside, check out this complete and utter change.

An insider indicated earlier this year (independently of the confirmed actual leak) that more cities will be added to GTA VI after its release. It is presently unknown if this is true, and if so, whether such cities were previously accounted for in the leaked map coordinates, but if not, the game might expand much more significantly, which is quite weird.

GTA 6 Map

Anyway, here’s hoping that the formal unveiling doesn’t take too long to see the full title in all its grandeur.

The footage stolen from Rockstar Games’ security breach has raised fears that Grand Theft Auto VI’s map may be “too vast” despite the years of buildup.

Seeing modern-day Vice City, two player characters named Jason and Lucia, and dialogues, animations, and stages from Grand Theft Auto VI leaked online was disastrous for the creator. Furthermore, the hacker claimed to have stolen the game’s source code, assets, and internal builds in addition to Grand Theft Auto V, which was also exposed. It may seem insignificant in the context of a multibillion-dollar firm. Still, incidents like these significantly negatively impact morale and can mislead people about the realities of game development.

Fans are piecing together a map from the scattered clues while Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive rush to make sense of it. Although, they did it cleverly. Fan groups were piecing together the map using Microsoft Paint and Google Earth pictures, finally coming up with an outline to fill the spaces. There appears to be a ponderous climax to their labors, which is a great shame.

On Twitter, user ChurchOfGTA posted a screenshot aligning Los Santos’s coordinates with those of the stolen Vice City. Have a look here:

It’s a huge difference. Interestingly, despite their extended anticipation, supporters aren’t over the moon about this development. It’s been our experience that bigger isn’t necessarily better. “Keep the San Andreas-style balance between rural and urban areas. Far too many GTA 5 mountains are entirely vacant, “joined with another. Considering the leaked film was shot in 2021, the actual scale of the new Vice City map may be different.

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