Gwen Stefani Then and Now: What Happened to Gwen Stefani’s Plastic Surgery?

Great music and style emerged in the 1990s. Gwen Stefani, the lead vocalist of No Doubt, brought a new degree of cool to both scenes. I can’t believe it, but Gwen Stefani still looks INCREDIBLE nearly 30 years into her career. So, what exactly is her ruse? Surgery? Botox? Fillers? Let’s look at some recent photos of Gwen Stefani and discuss with leading beauty experts how she manages to look so great in her 50s.

Who is Gwen Stefani?

The sheer volume of “Gwen Stefani age” and “How old is Gwen Stefani” queries on Google has shocked me, but I get it. The reason for this is that no one can believe the musician is 52 years old (and because, if you’re anything like me, the 1990s feel like they were just a decade ago). However, the rumour that Gwen Stefani is 52 is accurate. You and I both know that this woman is kind of like a vampire. How, therefore, does she manage to keep her stunning good looks?

How Old is Gwen Stefani?

Of course, there will be others who say, “Yeah, but she’s a celebrity, and they don’t age the same as the rest of us,” and I expect that sentiment to be widely shared. But unfortunately, no gene specifically confers fame and fortune. Like you and me, they will eventually age. The signs are merely slowed down for them somewhat more frequently than otherwise. The odd few, though, do have a solid foundation upon which to build. She’s not a Hollaback chick. Is she working, though, or has she had work done? To find out, I consulted with two amazing cosmetics experts…

KB Aesthetics Ltd founder Kelsey Bailey exclaims, “First of

all, WOW! I love how she looks so much. I credit her incredible genes most of all, but a solid skincare routine, which undoubtedly includes frequent Botox, also plays a role.

And Aesthetics Nurse Lucy herself, Lucy Foster, agrees, stating, “Gwen Stefani has always been wonderfully attractive. From her early 90s No Doubt days to her latest appearance at this year’s Met Gala, there’s no doubt she is a timeless beauty. Even though Gwen is “obsessed with her ageing process,” she attributes her immaculate beauty to her marital bliss. It’s hard to imagine that at 52 years old, she hasn’t had some little cosmetic surgery done.

Alongside a really strong skincare routine, I’d estimate she’s had a touch of Botox to the forehead and frown lines, which has opened up her eyes, lifted the brows and kept those pesky static creases at bay.”

Interesting! So, the lucky girl is gifted with not just a beautiful voice but also incredible genes *Not jealous at all here*. That explains her flawless skin, but when I compare old and new photos of Gwen Stefani, it’s her nose and lips that stand out to me the most. So, come on, women, what’s she done? Let’s start with her nose.

What Happened to Gwen Stefani’s Plastic Surgery?

Lucy elaborates, “Admittedly, any cosmetic treatment she’s undergone has been done properly. When I look at old pictures of Gwen from 1996 and 1997, the most striking change is in her nose. The size of her nose has shrunk and the tip has narrowed since she was younger, but she has never “confessed” to having plastic surgery. A nose tip plasty or liquid rhinoplasty is considerably more likely than just good makeup.

She may have done rhinoplasty, as Kelsey confirms: “Looking at images from 1997, her nose does now look smaller across the bridge.”

Gwen Stefani Then and Now
Gwen Stefani Then and Now

Ok, so a nose job of some sort is looking likely. Doesn’t she have any problems with her pout? They look plumper. I’m going to guess some lip filler. …Am I right?

Lucy comments, “She usually sports platinum blonde hair and over-lines those iconic red lips, so it was nice to see her at this year’s Met Gala wearing a classic and neutral lip tone.” Although, I have to agree with the ones suggesting she’s had a little ‘plump’. Gwen’s lips are looking a lot bigger, possibly done using soft dermal filler.

Kelsey’s on the same page too. She speculates that hyaluronic acid filler helped her maintain her youthful fullness in the cheeks and lips, which typically diminish with age.

Don’t remind me, Kelsey! Okay, I’ve had my Botox injections. Excellent skin care? Check! Either a surgical or non-surgical rhinoplasty is done and passed! And cheek and lip filler – check!

Gwen, you’ve got to admit, you’re looking stunning. She was blessed with attractive features, to begin with (damn her! ), but it’s remarkable to learn that she’s kept them that way with minimal surgical intervention. Is there anything more that she’s done?

Lucy says, “I’d also believe Gwen has at some time undergone breast augmentation, which she – quite rightfully – rocked in her neon green Met Gala two-piece.” This is in addition to the possibility of rhinoplasty.

Absolutely! As usual, she looked stunning.

Gwen Stefani appears to have taken excellent care of her complexion over the years, whether through a strict regimen of self-care or a series of professional treatments. She has kept her youthful appearance with the help of Botox and fillers.

Lucy: “I think Gwen looks wonderful for a lady in her 50s, and good for her if she’s gotten a little help along the way.” Let’s keep our fingers crossed that she’ll continue to exude joy and will share her beauty secrets with the rest of us No Doubt fans.

Kelsey agrees wholeheartedly, saying, “Her skin just makes her sparkle, regardless of the treatments she may or may not have received. You go, girl!

I agree; that sums it up perfectly.

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