Investigating Harry Anderson Cause of Death: What Really Happened?

If your favorite TV show has been canceled, there is a good probability that it will be brought back to life at some point. Similar to this is the NBC show Night Court, which has been given a new lease on life.

Some longtime viewers of the old series have noticed that Harry Anderson, who played the main character Judge Harry T. Stone, isn’t involved in the new series. What ended up happening to Night Court’s Harry Anderson? Read on to find out everything you need to know.

Harry Anderson Cause Of Death

Although initial reports did not provide any context for Harry’s death, it was later determined that he had suffered multiple strokes after becoming ill with the flu in January 2018. The declared cause of death was a stroke brought on by influenza and heart problems, which he suffered while sleeping.

What Happened To Harry Anderson From ‘Night Court?’

What Happened To Harry Anderson From Night Court

The death of Harry T. Stone is revealed on the revived Night Court.

“I was sorry to hear about your father. We lost touch over the years, but he was a great guy,” John Larroquette’s Dan Fielding says to Harry’s daughter, Abby.

“I know. He felt the same way about you,” Abby responds.

Melissa Rauch stars as Harry’s daughter, and the show follows her as she adjusts to life as a night clerk at the Manhattan Municipal Court.

The death of Harry T. Stone is dealt with in the new Night Court fairly simply, but the question of why Harry Anderson isn’t a part of this new series remains unanswered.

The sad reality is that Anderson passed away in 2018. The New York Times reports that at age 65, he was discovered dead in his North Carolina home with no signs of foul play.

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Anderson’s Time Spent On ‘Night Court’ Made Him Famous

For nine seasons, the original Night Court competed with other popular sitcoms like Cheers and The Golden Girls. Anderson was nominated for an Emmy three times in a row, while the show itself won numerous awards over its existence.

Yet Harry, despite his Night Court appearances, has never thought of himself as an actor first and foremost.

“I was never really an actor,” he said. “I was a magician who fell into a part on Cheers,” Anderson said during a 2014 interview with WGN-TV. Anderson played Harry “the Hat” Gittes on Cheers, and appeared in six episodes across the show’s first two seasons. His performance on that show impressed NBC’s president enough that he eventually wound up with a starring gig on a show of his own.

Over the duration of his late teenage years and early adulthood, Anderson spent his time as a full-time magician, touring the country. His wife Elizabeth and two daughters from a previous marriage were listed as survivors in The New York Times article.

Although Harry T. Stone won’t be appearing in the new Night Court, his legacy appears to be a major plot point.

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