Hartford Man Charged with Robbery and Police Chase will Appear Before a Judge

A guy in Plainville who is accused of trying to steal a bank has had his case moved to the court that handles the most serious crimes in the region.

In New Britain Superior Court on Monday, 27-year-old Hartford resident Alston Phillips appeared before a judge. His case was transferred at the hearing to the Judicial District docket, which handles the most serious criminal cases.

The case will continue to be heard in the New Britain Superior Court, which has jurisdiction over both Part B offenses (those of a lesser character) and Part A offenses.

On Tuesday, Phillips was scheduled to appear before a Part A judge while being jailed on $150,000 bail.

The 27-year-old and 47-year-old Christina Williams, both of Hartford, have been accused in connection with a robbery that occurred at the American Eagle Federal Credit Union on March 15 at 10:21 a.m., at 378 New Britain Ave.

Investigators think Phillips conceived of the robbery, as evidenced by court papers. A note used in the robbery is believed to have been given to Williams by him after he drove her to the bank.

Hartford Man Charged with Robbery and Police Chase will Appear Before a Judge

Williams, on the other hand, is suspected of planning the crime.

Williams walked inside the bank with a note demanding $10,000, per the arrest warrant. According to the warrant, Williams threatened violence after a bank teller told her she couldn’t withdraw the requested amount of money quickly.

According to the warrant, Williams walked out of the bank without withdrawing any cash. According to court documents, she was recognized by officials after receiving an anonymous tip from someone who claimed to know her as “Cookie” and that she had battled addiction.

Williams, who identified Phillips as “New York” in an interview with police, is quoted as saying in the warrant that Phillips picked her up and urged her to join him in robbing a bank. According to the warrant, Williams stated that Phillips gave her a note demanding money before she robbed an East Windsor bank and made off with around $1,000.

The warrant further said that Williams utilized this similar note at the Plainville bank and was unsuccessful in obtaining any funds.

Williams is charged with three separate counts of attempted first-degree robbery, conspiracy to conduct first-degree robbery, and attempted first-degree larceny. She posted bond in the amount of $100,000 and is now free until her Wednesday appearance in New Britain Superior Court.

Phillips is being charged with one crime of attempted second-degree robbery, one count of attempted first-degree larceny, and one count of conspiracy to conduct first-degree theft.

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