Heather Gay is ‘Lazy’ About Self-Care Yet Gets Injectables Regularly

Heather Gay has never met an injectable that she did not enjoy. I have lip fillers and Botox. The ‘Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ actress exclusively tells Page Six Style that she uses Sculptra, a collagen activator.

They did something to my neck yesterday to help with the creases in the fabric. I order anything that comes to mind since I’m too lazy to care for myself.

And I get everything for free since I’m the owner,” says the CEO of Beauty Lab + Laser, a med spa that plays a starring role on “RHOSLC.”

Gay says her staff has to “pin [her] down to the chair” during sessions, but she’s willing to try everything from a “Beauty Lab Butt Lift” to “Thighbella,” which claims to help patients attain a thigh gap.

When asked whether she qualms about getting injectables, she laughs and replies, “I’m not averse to any injectables, but the reality is, it hurts, and I try to avoid suffering in any area,” even if it will improve her appearance. If I wanted to, I could go to the gym. What a terrible amount of suffering!

However, Gay believes that the discomfort of injectables is always justified.

Her philosophy on minimally invasive cosmetic treatments is that “[it’s] preventive, to preserve cruise-control speed,” as she puts it. You need not speed up or slow down so long as your cruise control is in good working order. Preventative care is critical!

Heather Gay

The Beauty Lab + Laser, which the “Bad Mormon” author and her friend Andrea Robinson started, provides free treatments, although the author insists that the business is her “pride and pleasure.”

Including [‘RHOSLC,’] is the means through which all my aspirations have come true. She is delighted that Beauty Lab is expanding to a second location and that she and her team have found such success.

We’re throwing a launch party later this month, and maybe you can come. The Beauty Lab is thriving and growing.

Gay also observes that it has served as a channel for charitable giving.

In memory of their friend Tim Robinson, who took his own life in 2019, she and Robinson established the Don’t Leave Foundation. They provide free laser treatments for those with track marks and self-harm scars as part of their mission to remove the stigma around mental health.

Gay says, “That’s been rising, and we’ve got a few partner spas helping us out, too, since the demand is so strong.”

We were just featured at an injections conference, and it was awesome. It’s fantastic that you’ve created something that people can trust.

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