Henderson Girl With Chronic Illness: She Has Mitochondrial Disease!

HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) — Thanks to a partnership between Walmart, the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office, and local fire departments, a girl in western Kentucky had a day full of surprises. That’s because today, in honour of Charlee Hight, it was “Charlee’s Day” at the Walmart in Henderson.

Charlee is four years old and has a serious food allergy, seizures, autism, and a rare genetic disorder. Last year, she was also told she had Mitochondrial Disease.

Emily Hight, Charlee’s mom, says, “She is our miracle child.”

Hight says she couldn’t put into words how she felt when she saw Charlee’s eyes light up.

“I’ve been crying a lot today. I can’t believe it. It’s great that she was chosen to do this. “It’s just one day out of the hospital where she can do something fun and be all about herself,” she says.

Charlee, her brother, and her sister all got into the cab of a Walmart truck, and Charlee became an honorary Walmart driver.

A Walmart truck driver named Bert Mills says, “She is a cute and sweet little angel.”

Henderson Girl With Chronic Illness
Henderson Girl With Chronic Illness

Mills says that when he met Charlee, his life changed.

“That little girl right there made me see life and what we go through in a whole new way. “You can’t just find happiness like she did today,” he says.

Mills led a group of truck drivers and emergency workers from the Ramada Inn to Walmart in a convoy. Inside the store, a group of workers gave the customer a big welcome with lots of surprises.

“She was on top of the world. “Walmart and these wonderful men and women did this for our little girl, and we are so grateful,” Hight says.

At the end of the party, the balloons were let go. Each one had a card with information about Charlee’s health and a phone number to call to wish her well.

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