2 Killed, 16 Wounded in Wrong-way, High-speed Multi-vehicle Crash

High-speed Multi-vehicle Crash tragic tragedy that took place on the South Side of Chicago on Wednesday evening claimed the lives of two individuals, according to the officials who responded to the scene.

Accident at High Speed Involving Multiple Vehicles

The tragic tragedy that took place on the South Side of Chicago on Wednesday evening claimed the lives of two individuals, according to the officials who responded to the scene.

Seven distinct autos were involved in the crash that took place in the Chatham neighborhood near the crossroads of 87th and Cottage Grove.

According to Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown, at approximately five o’clock in the evening, a black Dodge Charger was traveling northbound in the southbound lane of Cottage Grove at a “very high rate of speed” before crossing the intersection and colliding with seven vehicles. This collision occurred after the Charger crossed the intersection.

The Charger ultimately came to a stop in the center of traffic facing northbound, and nearly immediately afterward, it caught fire, resulting in the deaths of both of the vehicle’s passengers. Both of the victims were in the front passenger seat. “This is a significant incident,” a representative for the Chicago Fire Department named Larry Langford remarked. “This is one of the worst things that I’ve seen among the many, many things that I’ve seen.”

Langford claims that witnesses who were present at the scene believe that the collision with the Charger was the initial event that set off a chain reaction of more accidents, which were triggered by later crashes.

Brown claimed that the other cars that were involved in the collision had a total of 16 occupants, which included nine children and seven adults who were all taken from the scene of the accident to nearby hospitals because they had sustained injuries. At least four of the victims are reportedly in critical condition, and one of them is said to be in “very bad condition.”

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High-speed Multi-vehicle Crash
A passenger in the automobile that flipped onto its roof was the victim who got the most severe injuries as a result of the accident. Brown asserts that a theft report for the Dodge Charger was filed in Markham at some point throughout Wednesday morning and continued throughout the day. Brown also claimed that there was a “long-rifle kind of firearm” that was found in the Charger and that it had been retrieved.

Lori Lightfoot, the Mayor of Seattle, came to the scene and encouraged everyone to take their time moving about. “This is something that we can affect since it is within our area of influence. To comply with the speed limits that have been posted in the region, you need only remove your foot from the accelerator pedal “This is what the mayor had to say.

According to Lightfoot, there were approximately 150 people killed in Chicago as a result of traffic-related incidents in 2016, and the city has already seen 100 of these deaths so far in 2017. In total, the number of people killed in traffic-related incidents in Chicago has increased by approximately 30 percent since 2010.

“a lot of things are connected to speed,” according to Lightfoot’s assessment. [Further citation is required] “When you’re driving at that high of a rate of speed, you substantially decrease the prospect for the life of anyone that you impact, whether it’s a car or a pedestrian,”

It is predicted that the intersection will be stopped for a period equaling several hours. Avoiding the region entirely is something that drivers are highly encouraged to do. Investigation into what caused the crash is currently being carried out by the Major Accidents section of the Chicago Police Department, which is currently present at the scene.

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