Hochul Turns to Heavyweights Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris at Women’s Rally

Hochul turns to heavyweights Hillary Clinton: At a rally to turn out the vote that his opponent, Lee Zeldin, conducted upstate, Zeldin advocated for tax cuts even though the state is experiencing deficits.

Hochul Leans to Powerful Hitters Kamala Harris and Hillary Clinton at Women’s Rally

There are only five days left until the election, and the polls are getting closer, so both incumbent Governor Kathy Hochul and her Republican rival Lee Zeldin are doing everything they can to encourage their supporters to the polls.

On Thursday, supporters of the governor gathered at Barnard College for a rally. Among those in attendance were former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Vice President Kamala Harris, and state Attorney General Letitia James. It was not a coincidence that all of the people stumping were female. At the gathering, the governor’s primary focus was on gaining the support of female voters.

At Hochul’s gathering on the Upper West Side, a number of the Democratic party’s most prominent figures were in attendance. They criticized Representative Zeldin for his stance against abortion rights and brought attention to their worries that, if elected, he will work to reduce financing for abortion services.

“It should come as no surprise that they wish to roll back the years about abortion. They spent the better part of half a century working toward that goal “Clinton added. “We are unable to wait it out. We are unable to merely observe the proceedings. The right to decide for ourselves what to do with our bodies. The capacity to receive fundamental medical treatment, “James stated.

Harris stated that the government should not dictate what an individual should or should not do with their own body. Hochul made the statement that “we will defend the right to have an abortion in this state, right here, right now and forever.”

The New York Police Department (NYPD) announced on Thursday that there were 85 shooting incidents in October this year, compared to 128 shooting incidents in October of 2021. Although Zeldin has repeatedly attacked Hochul on crime and public safety, the governor’s campaign received some good news on Thursday when the NYPD made the announcement.

Despite this, the number of significant crimes committed in numerous other areas, including the subway, has increased by forty percent.

Hochul Turns to Heavyweights Hillary Clinton
The Commissioner of the New York Police Department, Keechant Sewell, made an effort to disprove Zeldin’s claims regarding the security of the subway system by stating that “Our officers are elevating their work every day, particularly in the subway system.” According to Commissioner Sewell, “the public is seeing our visible presence, extensive coverage in trains and platforms, and more engagement with riders and those who work in the system.”

Thursday evening, Zeldin held his rally upstate to encourage voters to cast their ballots.

He informed the gathering, “We are going to proclaim a crime emergency here in the state of New York,” which was what he had planned to do.

Zeldin tells his followers that people are leaving the state because of the high crime rate and the high taxes.

“They feel like their money will go further, they will feel safer, and they will live life more freely if they move to other states like Florida and Texas and the Carolinas and Tennessee and other places,” he said. “They are looking at other states like Florida and Texas and the Carolinas and Tennessee and other places.”

Hochul has stated that there is a middle-class tax cut in this year’s budget, and authorities have sought to cope with inflation by abolishing the state gas tax until the end of the year. Hochul’s argument can be seen here.

Both campaigns are not letting up on the gas pedal at this point. Zeldin is scheduled to attend a rally on Friday in the Bronx, while Hochul is scheduled to attend a Get Out the Vote rally on Saturday in Queens. Both of these events will take place in New York City.

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