Holly Sonders Then and Now: is Holly Sonders Married Now?

Holly Sonders was a character on the Golf Channel in the past. If you play golf a lot and watch the Golf Channel, you probably remember her.

Sonders graduated from Michigan State in 2009, where she tried out for the women’s golf team. In the games media industry, she found the chance of a lifetime at Golf Channel almost 10 years before she graduated. Then, she would work for FOX Sports for four years before leaving the company in 2019.

Since then, Sonders has been through a lot of things that have changed his life, like starting a health programme and getting ready to get married. She has also gained a huge number of followers on Instagram.

How Did Holly Sonders Start?

Sonders went to Michigan State University. He was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. She graduated in 2009, but not before she helped the Spartans win the Big Ten title for women’s golf in 2007.

Sonders would then work as a sideline reporter for the Big Ten Network before getting TV jobs in her old neighbourhood of Columbus and Little Rock, Arkansas. Then she got her job at Golf Channel, which was the start of her career in the media.

There, Sonders would start to build a name for herself that would be known by everyone.

A Hit On The Course

Holly Sonders became a star at Golf Channel, especially for her work on Morning Drive, and Golf School, and for filling in as a correspondent on the course during tournaments. In her jobs, she had the chance to use her golf knowledge and experience, along with her lively personality and big dreams, to become a major force in the organisation.

Sonders had a long and successful career at Golf Channel, which helped her get a job at FOX Sports. There, she would reach new levels, but she would also face the hardest times of her career.

Sonders was a golf installation at FOX, and he also helped out with school football and did some facilitating. No matter what, it wasn’t easy for her while she was there.

Before she left, she was replaced as a reporter on the course and moved to the show after the game. This change happened after Sonders had what she called “the worst day of her life” at the US Open at Chambers Bay in 2015.

At the end of the competition, she asked if he had packed a fifth outfit for a possible Monday season finale.

What’s Going On With Holly Sonders Now?

In the spring, Sonders applied to TEAM-UP Fitness, presenting herself as “dedicated to fitness, wellbeing, diet skincare, relationships, and health of every kind.”

She has a massive following on Instagram, with over 486,000 people seeing her updates every time she posts.

She also forwarded her curated drugs website, HollySonders.com. There, she lets others secretly message her, but she also shares some information that isn’t appropriate for the office.

We’re betting that Sonders will find just as much if not more success with this new venture, even though it’s a far cry from her roots on the course.

Holly Sonders Then and Now
Holly Sonders Then and Now

A Busy Love Life

Erik Kuselias, a former employee of the Golf Channel who is now a broadcaster for ESPN and CBS, married Holly Sonders in 2011. Their breakup occurred in 2016. By the middle of 2019, it was public knowledge that Sonders was seeing Kliff Kingsbury, the new head coach of the Arizona Cardinals.

They dated for a while but eventually broke up as Kingsbury began his NFL career. In December of that year, Sonders found out that she was trapped. The model/TV star agreed to a date with the 44-year-old pro games player Dave “Vegas Dave” Oancea.

To paraphrase what Sonders told People, “I was so struck by Dave’s tale and his overcome adversity to grow into an independent man that I felt hopelessly infatuated with him in an instant.”

Everything appeared to be going swimmingly for the couple until August when Oancea revealed he had moved back home with his parents in Las Vegas due to professional obligations.

While he and Holly are still together, he told the New York Post, “I’ve moved back in with my parents for the past month and a half so I can relax wonderfully around evening time — no distractions — therefore I can work better from their work area.” “I’ve lost the chance to be with a lovely woman,” he said.

Here’s hoping that Sonders and Vegas Dave can work out their differences after she claimed in October during an Instagram Live meeting that they were “attempting to sort everything out.”

If a reevaluation is necessary, Holly Sonders is ready for it.

After announcing her split from “Vegas Dave” Oancea last year, Sonders claimed she put a lot of thought into where her future could lead. Her Instagram page has more than 548,000 followers, and she frequently posts racy photos along with the witticism: “Young females can be sexy AND clever.”

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