Horizon Forbidden West Pc Release Date: Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay

Horizon Forbidden West Pc Release Date for the action role-playing game Horizon Forbidden West is 2021. It was created by Guerrilla Games and will be distributed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Both the PS4 and PS5 will be able to play this game. We have included information regarding the PC and release dates for Horizon Forbidden West in this article. Scroll down to learn when Horizon Forbidden West will be released.

Horizon Forbidden West

An new action role-playing game called Horizon Forbidden West continues the tale of Aloy, a teenage hunter from the Nora tribe. She is dispatched on a mission into the strange frontier known as the Forbidden West in search of a mystery sickness that kills everyone it infects. Throughout the course of the game, she will encounter harsh terrain, vast storms, and uncharted territories.

She will also spend the most of her time battling lethal machines and adversaries. She will also find a stunning and enormous variety of environments, including lush valleys, barren deserts, snow-capped mountains, tropical beaches, and some abandoned cities. The fact that these regions will be accessible both above and below the water is the game’s main draw.

Release Date for Horizon Forbidden West

The UK release date for Horizon Forbidden West is when? In 2021, Horizon Forbidden West will be made available on the PS4 and PS5. This game was unveiled at Sony’s Playstation 5 unveiling event in June 2020. The release date hasn’t been been confirmed yet. Ashly Burch and Lance Reddick will play Aloy and Sylens, the game’s main characters.

Horizon Forbidden West Pc Release Date

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Additionally, the Decima engine will be upgraded for this game. When we learn the release date for Horizon Forbidden West, we’ll update this page.

Horizon Forbidden West Pc Release Date

Sadly, this game won’t be released for PC users; instead, it will only be available for PS4 and PS5 users. Perhaps it will soon be made available for PC and Steam. But for the time being, this game won’t be accessible on PC.

Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay

The action-packed role-playing game Horizon Forbidden West is also an action game played in third person. The players in this game will have control over Aloy, and the game takes place in an open universe. Nevada, Utah, and post-apocalyptic California make up this open world.

The game will allow players explore the Forbidden West, as the name would imply. Numerous sites, including Yosemite Valley and San Francisco, will be included in the game. In addition, we can make out Aloy’s breathing mask and the waves of the San Francisco Bay. It’s unclear at the moment how underwater warfare will operate.


“Mark of Pride” Pride Flag Face Paint was first introduced.


Main Missions

Fixed a problem where the Hunter Merchant in Thebes might have gone missing in the main quest “Faro’s Tomb.”

In the cinematic that follows the Main Quest “The Embassy” mission goal “Talk to the Tenakth Marshal,” floating weapons are fixed.

Fixed a problem where Hekarro was honing his pantomime talents and became stuck behind an imaginary wall in the main quest “The Kulrut.”

Fixed problems that prevented players from entering or leaving The Base.

The Base might now play a Kotallo callout without Kotallo being there due to a bug that was fixed.

Side Missions

Following the conclusion of Side Quest “The Roots that Bind,” we continue to display Riverhymn’s settlement icon on the map.

The error where Porguf wouldn’t give the choice to begin the Errand Quest “Broken Locks” has been fixed.

Fixed a problem where players could ride their ground mount through a lake in the side quest “The Deluge.”

Fixed a problem where the player might not be able to move on from the “Search the Canyon for the Source of the Signal” objective in the side quest “Signal Spike.”

Fixed a problem where the Herbalist in Chainscrape would have an icon over their head but not be interactable before finishing the side quest “The Bristlebacks.”

World Activities

The “Mine Launchers” in Salvage Contracts have been fixed to prevent progression when the player selects Custom Difficulty Settings for Easy Loot.

The Oseram Artificer outfit could be obtained twice after completing all Salvage Contracts in New Game Plus, which has been fixed.

Fixed a problem where, after restarting from a save, the “Search the Command Center” objective may become blocked at Rebel Camp “Devil’s Grasp.”

Fixed a bug where the “Destroy the Weapon Caches” objective in Rebel Camp “The Hive” did not update once all of the caches had been destroyed.

The Rebel Champion in Rebel Camp “Breached Rock” did not have the Bunker Key in its loot if the player left the camp after killing the rebels. This problem has been fixed.

Fixed a problem where a puzzle room in Cauldron CHI had distracting shadow flickering.

Fixed a bug in Machine Strike where a piece equipped with the Sweep Skill might reach health 255 rather than perish.

There was a bug that caused players to get stuck at 99.42% completion even after finishing all Rebel Camps.

We no longer launch into space! Fixed a bug where, in Gauntlet Run “Cliffs of the Cry,” the player would rocket into the air after winning the race.

Fixed a problem where, in New Game+, the player couldn’t finish “Relics From Ruins” since they already owned the Ancestor’s Return weapon from a prior playthrough.

Fixed a problem where the player would become trapped if they investigated an Oseram corpse while swimming in Sunken Cavern “The Shining Wastes.”

Fixed an underground Supply Cache that was inaccessible and located in Las Vegas.

Located northeast of Rebel Outpost “Stillsands South,” fixed an underground Supply Cache that was unreachable.


Fixed a problem where certain player actions would cause Audio Datapoints to fail.

a problem where Audio Datapoint 37 couldn’t be gathered because Veter wasn’t interactive has been fixed.


arrows prepared? We increased the Dreadwing’s propensity to attack when engaged in combat in a forest.

Tremortusk’s “Shatter Swing” and Thunderjaw’s “Laser Blast” attacks will have more visual effects.

Fixed a problem where a low-resolution, non-functional Thunderjaw may spawn close to Fall’s Edge.

The “Stalker Primary Nerve” was incorrectly mentioned as loot for the Ravager’s Antenna. This has been fixed.

It was resolved that when a job was set for the stalker primary nerve, the waypoint would be in ravager areas rather than stalker territories.

It has been fixed that “Bellowback Primary Nerve” rather than “Behemoth Primary Nerve” is shown as loot in Behemoth and Apex Behemoth.

Fixed a situation in Sheerside Climb when it was impossible for the player to escape on a soaring mount.

It was resolved that Apex Shellsnapper Hearts, despite being used for upgrades, were listed under “Valuables to Sell.”

The job system will no longer point the player to Apex machine parts due to a bug that has been fixed.

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