How to Arrange Fairy Lights in a Vase

The festive season is in full swing as Christmas approaches. Putting up Christmas decorations like string lights is a great way to get in the holiday mood. Different sizes and forms of fairy lights allow you to customize their appearance for a wide range of holiday themes. This post will teach you how to decorate your home for the holidays by arranging fairy lights in a vase. Okay, so let’s begin.
Put some fairy lights in a vase and you’ve got instant whimsy and romance in your home. The bulbs used in these lights are often very small and delicate, with the effect intended to be reminiscent of stars or fireflies. When put in a clear vase, they look like tiny glowing animals flying around inside.

For this reason, fairy lights are frequently used in wedding decor. In addition to being perfect for use in nurseries and children’s bedrooms, these accessories can be employed in a variety of other contexts. To provide a magical touch to outdoor spaces like gardens and patios, fairy lights can be strung between trees and shrubs.

Can You Put Fairy Lights in a Glass Vase?

Use fairy lights in glass vases for a one-of-a-kind and swoon-inducing take on traditional home decor. Bringing some whimsicality and charm into your home couldn’t be easier than with this simple and sophisticated solution. You can buy fairy lights in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors, making it easy to choose the ideal set for your home.

Vases can be made of clear glass, or you can choose a colored vase to add some flair. If you really want to show off your creativity, you can even use mason jars or other unique containers to store your food. First, place the lights inside a vase to create a lovely centerpiece. Then, set the lights to whatever you see fit. Wrapping the lights around the inside of the vase creates a clean, minimalist effect.

Alternately, you might swag the lights over the vase’s lip for a more dramatic effect. Decorating with fairy lights in glass vases is a great way to inject some whimsy and whimsical flair into your home. It can be used to add a touch of class and beauty to any interior space.

12 Easy Ways How to Arrange Fairy Lights in a Vase:

1. Wrap the Lights Around the Inside of the Vase..

To decorate a vase with fairy lights, just wrap the lights around the inside of the container. This will produce a simple yet classy design that may be used anywhere in the house. You might use glass vases or go for a more colorful option.

2. Drape the Lights Over the Top of the Vase.

A dramatic effect can be achieved by draping the fairy lights over the top of the vase. You should begin by putting the vase in the middle of the table. The next step is to take the light string and drape it over the top of the vase, allowing the lights to trickle down the sides. For a more dramatic impact, you may also wrap the lights around the bottom of the vase.

3. Use Mason Jars or Other Creative Containers..

Mason jars and other decorative containers are perfect for displaying fairy lights in a one-of-a-kind setting. Insert the bulbs into the jar and secure the lid. Once filled, the jars can be displayed anywhere, from hooks to shelves to tables.

4. Fill the Vase With Water.

A clear vase filled with water and some fairy lights would also look lovely as a table centerpiece. As a result, you’ll have a truly stunning presentation. Add the lights to the vase carefully so that the cables don’t show and space them out evenly. Fairy lights of any color will work for this.

5. Add a Few Drops of Food Coloring.

Put a few drops of food coloring into the water of clear glass vases to make them more festive. The addition of these will liven up your presentation. Pick hues that fit in with the style you want to portray. Consider using shades of pink or red if you’re striving for a more passionate appearance. Colors like blue and green tend to be more whimsical. Decorative stones, shells, or even a few leaves can be placed at the base of each vase to complete the look. This will assist in rounding things out and add some much-needed color and interest. These supplies are widely available at arts and crafts retailers.

6. Wrap the Vase With Ribbon.

If you want your vase to stand out more, try adorning it with a ribbon. Wrap the vase in a ribbon that fits in with the room’s theme. Glue or double-sided tape will work to keep the ribbon in place. Then, set up the lights inside the vase as you normally would. Including the ribbon will make for a very attractive presentation.

7. Place the Vase on a Pedestal.

The use of a pedestal will help your vase be the center of attention. It will be easier to spot, and the lighting design inside can be better displayed. A vase can be displayed on a stack of books in the absence of a pedestal.

8. Hang the Vase from the Ceiling.

Hanging your vase from the ceiling is yet another option to display it. If you’re aiming for the stars and have a lot of room to work with, this is the way to go. The vase and fairy lights can be hung from the ceiling with fishing line or transparent wire. This will produce an impressively bright effect that will wow your guests.

9. Use Fairy Lights as Table Decorations.

Astables can also be decorated with fairy lights. They look great either in a vase or wrapped around a tabletop focal point. Make sure the vase is full of water before placing your flowers in ith. The lights will be more secure as a result of this. Clear adhesive can also be used to keep the lights in place. After you’ve wrapped the lights around the base of the vase, you can arrange the flowers as you like.

8. Use Different Colors of Fairy Lights.

Brighten up your vase of fairy lights with a variety of hues. You have the option of using a single color or mixing and matching. This will give your vase a charming and original look.

9. Try Using Other Objects.

If you’re feeling very imaginative, you might also use anything besides fairy lights. Any small, colorful or interesting object that fits within your vase will do. Don’t rule out using

  • Particles of rock
  • Glass beads of various hues and
  • Glitter
  • Feathers
  • The use of dried flowers
  • Shells

Anything is possible. Make sure the item you use won’t break the vase or the bulbs in the lights.

10. Get Creative With the Placement.

Use your imagination when deciding where to put your fairy lights. Flowers look great in a balloon, a container, or a vase. If you’re feeling especially creative, you could even try hanging them from the ceiling.

11. Use a Timer.

Indoors, a timer is a necessity for fairy lights. By doing so, you can program the lights to switch on and off at predetermined times. Don’t worry about leaving them on by accident.

12. Add Batteries.

Add batteries to your fairy lights if they require them. Make sure you’re using the recommended batteries, and then install them as per the manual’s directions. For the greatest results, only use brand-new or recently-replaced batteries.

Tips and Warnings on How to Arrange Fairy Lights in a Vase:


  • First, try to locate a vase with a large mouth. Inserting the lights and arranging them as desired will be less of a hassle.
  • Make sure the batteries in your fairy lights are fully charged before turning them on. It would be terrible if the lights suddenly went out in the midst of your flower arrangement.
  • Put some imagination into your setup. The lights might be wrapped around the inside of the vase or draped over the rim, for instance.
  • Using fairy lights that plug into an outlet requires a cord long enough to reach the location where the lights will be plugged in. Do not settle for a short cord that will restrict your arrangement.


  • To avoid having too many lights in the vase, you should: 1. The vase might shatter, or the lights might get too hot.
  • Avoid putting fairy lights that utilize electricity into a vase of water. It is potentially dangerous to fire safety.
  • Remove the lights from the vase only after you have unplugged the cord from the wall. Doing so will safeguard you from an electrical shock.
  • Fourth, take special precautions to avoid shattering your vase if it is made of glass. Glass is often fragile and breaks easily.
  • Carefully avoid placing the vase in a high-traffic area where it could be accidentally broken. 5. No one wants somebody to get wounded because of a vase falling over.

Final Words

For help with arranging fairy lights in a vase, read this article. Clusters of fairy lights strategically placed throughout a room create an enchanting atmosphere. With these pointers in mind, you can make a spectacular holiday display that will warm the hearts of your guests and leave a lasting impression on you. Engage in some lighthearted play.

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