How to Delete a Group Chat on Messenger

You must first remove everyone from the group chat in order to delete it on Messenger.
You must depart from the organisation once you have expelled everyone from it.
The gang will be forever eliminated by doing this.
There is a choice for you to eliminate group members on Facebook Messenger.
Existing participants will still be able to chat if you leave the group without eliminating everyone.
Additionally, the administrator position must be given to another group member.
So, in order to eliminate a group, you must first remove every member of the group.
To delete a group chat on Messenger, follow these steps:

  1. The group’s top navigation bar should be tapped.
  2. “See group members” should be selected.
  3. Don’t let anyone stay in the group.
  4. Quit the group by hitting “Leave” with your finger.

1. Tap on the top navigation bar of the group

Open the Facebook Messenger app on your phone and sign in to your account first.

The Facebook Messenger desktop application can also be used for this.

Instead, we’ll use the smartphone app for the duration of this guide.

You must find the group you want to remove on Messenger once you’ve logged in.

The group’s top navigation bar should be touched.

You must be an admin to delete a group, so keep that in mind.

2. Tap on “See group members”

View group participants on Facebook Messenger

The group settings are accessible once you tap on the group’s top navigation bar.

The categories you now see include “Customization,” “Chat details,” “More actions,” and others.

The “See group members” option can be found under “Chat details.”

You must expel everyone from the group before you can delete it.

In any case, they can still talk in it.

Tap “See group members” to begin eliminating members of the group.

3. Remove everyone from the group

The “Members” page will appear after you have clicked “See group members.”

A list of the group’s members can be found on the page.

You must now expel every member of the group.

If you’re the only one who wishes to break away from the group, you can skip this step.

Tap on a member to pick “Remove From Group” in order to do this.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way for you to instantly remove the entire group.

As a result, each group member needs to be deleted individually.

4. Leave the group

Facebook Messenger group deletion

You will remain on the list as the sole person once you have eliminated everyone from the group.

You must now tap on yourself.

You’ll be given a few alternatives after tapping on yourself.

This contains both “Leave Group” and “View Facebook Profile.”

To depart from the group, tap “Leave Group.”

Check to see if anyone is still in the group before leaving.

If not, they will still be able to communicate within the group.

5. Tap on “Leave”

Facebook Messenger group deletion

A pop-up notice will show after you have clicked “Leave.”

You can select a new admin, the pop-up notification informs you.

“You can choose a new admin from the folks listed under Members,” reads the whole message.

The next sentence reads, “If you quit the group without selecting a new admin, the group’s oldest member will take over.”

You don’t need to set a new admin because you previously deleted every member of your group.

To depart from the group, press “Leave.”

The group will be permanently deleted and removed from your chat list once you’ve clicked “Leave.”


You must remove each group member one at a time because there is no option to delete the entire group at once in Messenger.

They will lose their ability to chat in the group if you remove them from it.

They will still be able to view the group in their chat list, though.

They will also continue to be able to view the group’s earlier messages.

The group must be removed from their chat list as the sole option.

To do this, they must choose the group in their chat list, swipe left on it, touch “More,” and then tap “Delete.”

The group will be deleted indefinitely if you do this.

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