Have you seen a good video on Facebook recently?

Do you need help tracking down that recording again?

Sometimes you find a video on Facebook that you really enjoy.

You may have forgotten to bookmark it or give it a thumbs up.

Fear not, though; Facebook actually includes a built-in feature that lets you keep track of what you’ve watched.

Find out how to view your Facebook video watching history and current videos in this tutorial.

How to find recently watched videos on Facebook

Visit your activity log to view a list of recently viewed videos on Facebook.

Go to the “Activity log” page and then “Videos watched.”

On the right side of the carousel, you’ll see the “Videos seen” selection.

You may view all of the videos you’ve watched on Facebook by selecting the “Videos watched” option.

In order to quickly locate a video that you saw the week before, you can restrict the date range to that time period.

To achieve this, first select the filter icon, then press “Date,” and then input the desired date.

Find your recently viewed videos on Facebook by following these steps:

1. Go to your Facebook settings

The first thing you need to do is visit your Facebook preferences.

Launch the Facebook app and sign in if you haven’t previously.

Remember to sign in with the same account you used to find the video.

Once you’ve logged into Facebook, tap the menu button in the bottom right.

Clicking on the menu button will reveal the available options.

Many alternatives are available from the menu.

Settings and Privacy can be accessed by scrolling to the very bottom of the page.

Choose “Settings & Privacy” to reveal further options.

Click the “Settings” button to access your Facebook preferences.

2. Tap on “Activity log”

Clicking “Settings” will take you to the preferences screen.

Your profile information and personal preferences are saved here.

Look for the “Your information” area below.

Under “Your details,” select the “Activity log” tab.

Select “Activity Log” to access your history of actions.

3. Tap on “Videos watched”

You can monitor and control what you’ve been up to on Facebook by visiting the “Activity Log” page.

Your own posts, labels, comments, and likes can be managed.

Past engagement details like likes, comments, and watched videos are also accessible.

There is a rotating list of choices available under “Recycle bin.”

The terms “Story activity,” “Page likes,” and “Following” are included in this category.

To access the “Videos watched” tab, swipe the carousel to the left.

To see your Facebook video viewing history, select the “Videos watched” option.

4. Browse your Facebook watch history

Select “Videos Watched” to go to the “Activity History” screen.

The page displays a list of the most recent Facebook videos you’ve watched.

Your most recent Facebook video will always be at the top of the list.

To watch a video, simply choose it from the list.

You can also see the dates that you watched each video on the list.

It is also possible to select a date range that is several years or months in the past.

Simply select “Date” from the filter menu.

Then, choose a “Start date” and an “End date,” then hit “Done.”

Congratulations! You now know how to access the most recently viewed videos on Facebook!


It is possible to review your past actions on most social media sites.

It contains everything from the posts you’ve liked to the videos you’ve watched.

Facebook is no different; the site includes an “Activity Log” section.

You may check out your Facebook activity using this feature.

Your posts can be managed on the “Activity Log” page as well.

Select all of your Facebook updates, and then click the trash can icon to remove them.

After 30 days, everything in the trash will be permanently removed.

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