How to Find Someone on Instagram Without an Account

Do you want to find someone who doesn’t have an Instagram account yet?

Perhaps you’re on Instagram in search of a friend or a famous person.

However, you shouldn’t use your Instagram profile for this purpose.

Read on to learn three distinct strategies for locating someone on Instagram without their own profile.

A computer with access to the Internet is the sole requirement.

Table of Contents

  1. Type their Instagram link on the web
  2. Search for their Instagram username on Google
  3. Search for their Instagram name on Google
  4. Conclusion

1. Type their Instagram link on the web.

Type a person’s Instagram URL into a web browser to discover them on Instagram before creating an account.

Instagram accounts are accessible via a unique URL.

By looking at the URLs’ last characters, you can always tell which links belong to which users by looking at the username (also known as the URL slug).

If you’re looking for our Instagram, just type into your browser’s address bar.

The link will take you to our Instagram page.

It is suggested that you copy and paste the user’s Instagram URL into a web browser to view their profile.

It’s your choice between a mobile browser (like Safari) and a desktop browser (e.g., IE).

However, you’ll need to know the person’s Instagram handle (or username) for this to work.

But you’ll need to know the person’s Instagram handle for this technique to work.

If you don’t follow them on Instagram, you won’t be able to find their profile.

You can follow these detailed instructions to learn how.

  1. Open up a web browser (e.g., Safari).
  2. To locate a specific Instagram user, simply enter followed by that person’s username.
  3. To view their profile, just type their name into the search field and click on the resulting link.

With this strategy, you don’t even need an Instagram account to locate a specific person on the platform.

But once again, you’ll need to know their Instagram handle.

If you don’t have their username, the final two options are your best bets.

2. Search for their Instagram username on Google

One more option is to look for their Instagram handle using a search engine.

The person’s Instagram page will load in the Google search results.

Finding someone on Instagram is as simple as searching for their username with the word “Instagram” in Google.

After that, you can view their profile without having an Instagram account yourself by clicking on the link.

That is to say, the Instagram web login page won’t need to be visited.

Searching Google for “Followchain Instagram,” for instance, will bring up our official Instagram profile.

Instagram searches for “Followchain”

With that search, you’ll be taken to the Followchain Instagram page.

If you know someone else’s Instagram username and password, you can find their account in the same way by searching Google.

If you want to know how to achieve this, I have a detailed guide for you:

Look it up on Google.
Type “username Instagram” (where username is the user’s handle) into the search bar.
Their Instagram feed will typically be among the top search results.
Searching for someone’s username plus “Instagram” on Google will usually get the desired results.

In order for this strategy to function, however, you must know the user’s username.

The next method is useful if you don’t know the person’s username but still want to find them.

3. Search for their Instagram name on Google

Last but not least, you might use Google to look for the person’s name with “Instagram” to see if any results come up.

Even if you don’t have the person’s username, you can still use this method to find them.

If you don’t know the person’s username, do a Google search for the person’s name with “Instagram.”

If you know someone who doesn’t have an Instagram account, you can find them by searching for “their name” with “Instagram” on Google.

If the user has their Instagram linked to their profile, you will be taken there.

A Google search for “Jane Doe Instagram,” for instance, would provide results for users with that name.

All Instagram users with the name “Jane Doe” will show up in the search results.

But if the person’s name is on their profile, this plan will work.

The search engine can miss their profile otherwise.

If you want to know how to achieve this, I have a detailed guide for you:

Look it up on Google.
Look to locate their Instagram account by searching for their name there.
If the user has put their name in their profile, you should be able to find them using Instagram’s search function.
If you don’t know a user’s Instagram handle but still want to find them, this method is a great option.

An individual’s name and Instagram handle will show up in search results.

Followchain (@followchainorg) is an example of a search result.

Using their real name, Followchain, their Instagram handle is @followchain.

This makes it simple to zero in on a specific individual just by scanning the page titles.

If you click on the title, which has the user’s name and Instagram handle, you can go to their profile.

In light of this, it is clear that an Instagram account is not required for this strategy.


Can you search Instagram without an account?

The Instagram links of other users can be found with a standard web search, so it is possible to browse the platform without signing up.

To begin, visit a person’s profile page on Instagram by clicking on their profile’s direct link (e.g., that person’s name followed by

You can view Instagram without creating an account if you just copy and paste a link to someone else’s account into your browser.

You may use Instagram’s search function to find more individuals while you’re on their profile.

You may also skip the Instagram sign-in process by just searching for a user’s Instagram handle on Google.

Look for “Jane Doe Instagram” on Google, for instance.

Simply type “Instagram” into a web browser’s search bar, and the app will load automatically behind the top result.

How can I look at someone’s Instagram without an account?

If you type a user’s Instagram URL into a browser, you can see their profile even if you’re not signed into Instagram.

Entering the user’s Instagram URL in a browser can allow you to find them if they use the username “followchainorg,” for instance.

Whenever you want to share a user’s Instagram profile with others, just type their username after the domain.

To visit their Instagram page, simply put into your web browser.

As an alternative, you can find someone’s Instagram by searching for their name or username plus the word “Instagram” on Google.

With this method, you can use Google’s search results to find the user’s Instagram account.

How do I find someone on Instagram by name?

You can use Instagram or Google Search to find a user by their name.

First, you may see if Instagram returns any results when you enter the entire name of the person you’re looking for.

Using a person’s complete name as a search term is the most exact way to locate them on Instagram.

This only works if they’ve used their full name while creating their Instagram account.

Even if they omitted their complete name, you might be able to track them down through mutual friends.

It is possible to find someone on Instagram by searching for their name among the people that person’s friends are following.

Someone they know is probably already following them.

It’s also possible to search for a specific user by name on Instagram using Google.

Using only their name and the word “Instagram,” you can find them.

You can find someone named “Jane Doe,” for instance, by searching for the term “Jane Doe Instagram” on Google.

You’ll probably be able to track down their Instagram account that way.


By reading this article, you now know how to locate someone on Instagram without their own profile.

A quick review of the two strategies that can be employed to achieve this goal is as follows:

Paste their Instagram URL (like into your browser.

Google their name or username plus “Instagram” to find their profile.

Instagram profiles can be viewed without requiring a login if you follow these steps.

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