How to Fix Blue Light on Juul

Many users have reported problems with the blue light on their Juul. It can be fixed in a number of ways, which is good news. Here, we’ll go over the various options for resolving the blue-light issue on the Juul and how to implement them. We hope you are able to fix the blue light on your Juul with the instructions provided below. The blue Juul light can be repaired in a number of different ways. First, we’ll look at how to enhance blue light with an app, and then at how to cure it with a built-in software on your computer. Finally, we’ll discuss a few additional temporary solutions to this issue.

A Detailed Guide on How to Fix the Blue Light on Juul

1st Method: Electrical Tape

It is necessary to disassemble the Juul gadget before using it. Once you’re through, you can peel off the electrical tape from both sides of the metal plate to show its true silver color. Next, you should inspect your Juul device for damage, such as cracks or nicks, and fix it if necessary. Place a strip of double-sided tape down one edge of the battery, making sure it is perpendicular to the surface before proceeding to attach the battery.

Then spread a small amount of glue on it, taking care not to use too much or the edges will split when you bend them. Before removing the tape’s backing paper, firmly press down on it to get rid of any air bubbles. Transfer these steps to the opposite side. Now that you’ve applied the double-sided tape, you should be able to touch two parallel lines of tape on your battery through the metal plate. This will strengthen the connection between them and protect your device from damage.

Using Sugru Method 2: Using Sugru

A third option is to use Sugru moldable glue to repair the damage. Start by disassembling your Juul and getting rid of any broken pieces (i.e., the battery). Finally, combine equal parts of black and white Sugru until the resulting color is gray (below my visual range). Smooth out any remaining lumps; if there are any, the Sugru won’t form properly.

Taping your battery down? Soak it for 20 seconds in a dish of water to loosen the adhesive before you try to remove the tape. When you do this, the tape will loosen up a bit. After that, take the battery out of the water and cautiously remove the tape. Take care not to scratch the battery or pull off any stickers or other attachments.

Next, using tweezers or gloves, remove the metal plate from the device so that the metal side is up (if they are available). Doing so will protect you from accidental electrocution. However, you should avoid coming into contact with metal without gloves or other protective gear, as you may still be injured.

Here, you’ll be repairing a metal plate with electrical tape and Sugru. A piece of electrical tape is first adhered to the metal plate’s flat surface. The Sugru compound is then applied to the sticky region. Please wait 30 minutes to allow them to dry and solidify. Once you’ve finished, replace the battery and click the button five times to make sure it’s working.

Method 3: Changing the Metal Plate

If you don’t have any of the other materials, you may always just replace the metal plate. To begin with, disassemble your Juul and take out the battery. After that, make sure there aren’t any broken parts that could create a short. If you can’t see any visible damage, proceed to the third step.

Start dismantling your gadget by taking out the two screws on the metal plate with a little screwdriver (one on each side). These two screws are the easiest, and the remaining four should come out just as easily. With that obstacle cleared, you should put away the old metal plate you were using (i.e., screws, pieces).

After that, reinstall the four screws you removed from the battery’s metal plate. Once you’ve done that, click the button five times, and try again if it doesn’t turn on. If the problem persists, double-check all the connections to ensure they are secure. If such is the case, you might try using your old metal plate again by reducing its size. In that case, you might need to get a new battery and try it again. This is an important step towards resolving the blue light issue with the Juul.

Method 4: Repair the Juul Blue Light Without Replacing the Metal Plate

Alternatively, a simple paper clip could be used to mend this. In order to begin, you should disassemble your Juul and take out the battery. Now is the time to remove any fasteners that could cause issues later. The next step is to flatten out your paper clip (if possible). You could use your hands or other tools to try this, but bending them too much might risk snapping them.

After that, find a place on the battery’s metal plate where you may insert it. You should use something light because you don’t want to crack it or otherwise cause damage while you open it. When you’re done, click the button five times to see if it’s operating normally again. In that case, you might need to remove the paper clip and try again with a different piece.

This isn’t going to be simple, but it has to be done for it to function correctly when you’re done. Assuming you were able to turn on the blue light, you should reassemble your Juul with care before firing it up again. The blue light on your Juul can be fixed by following these procedures.


Repairing the Juul’s blue light calls for several safety measures to be taken into account.

Before disconnecting your gadget from its power supply, you should complete any disassembly. Before disassembling or replacing components like the mouthpiece or top cap, you must first remove the pods (device cover).

Avoid dropping your e-cigarette, as doing so could harm the motherboard and render it useless for vaping while you fix or tweak it. If your vape has suddenly stopped responding, even if it appears to be fully charged (the LED light will turn green), try carefully cleaning the contact points with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

When fixing your gadget, be extra careful not to sever any wires or create any short-circuits. In such a case, you shouldn’t touch the circuit board because it will be live and could shock you if you come into contact with it.

To avoid potential accidents, always store batteries, parts, and tools in a secure location out of reach of children and dogs. Get medical help right away if you swallow a battery or any other small object.

What Is the Best Way to Fix the Blue Light on a Juul?

The Juul, a portable electronic cigarette that simulates the sensation of smoking a cigarette, has become extremely popular among young people because of its portability and anonymity. Juul vape pods contain flavored nicotine salts rather than freebase nicotine, which is used in most other e-cigarettes. This enables a more potent hit with the same authentic tobacco flavor.

A major source of customer dissatisfaction, however, is that this product has a tendency to malfunction, such as by flashing blue lights even when no pod is inserted or by failing to charge when connected to a computer through USB. We have listed various solutions that can either fix these issues directly or lead you in the right direction to find a fix:

A software glitch is probably all that’s preventing your Juul from charging. If this happens, detaching the pod from the base and holding the button for five seconds will perform a hard reset and fix the problem. As soon as you remove the pod, wait a full second before replacing it. In the event that you’re experiencing issues with blue lights or erratic power delivery, a full restart should fix everything.


With any luck, you’ve figured out how to eliminate the blue light from your Juul. The e-cigarette Juul is quite well-liked. There are many good things about it, but there are also some bad things that can be fixed by doing some basic home maintenance.

Give me a breakdown, please. Discover the answer here! Put the gist of your blog post here. You can reduce blue light by removing the Juul’s cap or case before going to bed. This will shield your eyes from any potentially damaging ultraviolet radiation given off by the device. You can avoid spills caused by gravity dragging drinks down into the mouthpiece aperture as you sleep.

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