How to Fix Led Light Remote Wrong Colors

Because of their low power consumption and extended lifespan, LEDs have quickly become the lighting source of choice. But if you have a remote-controlled LED light strip and the colors are off, you need not worry. To correct the incorrect color of your LED lights, read on. Keep reading to find out why.

Whether you use LED strips for illumination in your home, business, greenhouse, or wherever else, a remote control is an excellent way to adjust the lights. Although the remote’s convenience is undeniable, users frequently report problems with the device, such as incorrect color output. The good news is that the incorrect colors on the led light remote are simple to correct.

A Detailed Guide on How to Fix Led Light Remote Wrong Colors

Step 1: Determine How Many Colors are Wrong

You should count how many colors are off before you start fiddling with your LED light control. It may be necessary to change the color temperature of the light if it produces a hue other than the one you were anticipating. If there are two wrong colors, like two shades of purple or red, you have to go through this process twice.

Step 2: Check Plugs Inside Remote

As a first step, examine the connectors within the LED light remote. The following step is to turn off the lights and inspect the other wires. There will be a tiny label on the cord or a sticker with the names of these cords on it. This should serve as a guide for inserting the appropriate color chip into the appropriate remote’s board slot.

It is necessary to rearrange the colors if there are any that aren’t where they should be. The fourth step can be skipped if the colors are where they should be.

Step 3: Removing Chips

Disconnect the remote from the light fixture and use an exact knife or something similar to pry out the colorful chips. LED lights typically have a plastic housing that can be broken open with a knife or other pointed weapon. Oils from your hands can damage these fragile lights and distort their color output, so once the colored chips have been removed, leave them away and do not touch or handle them anymore. If you happen to get any of this oil on a chip, simply wipe it off with a clean, dry cloth or paper towel and wait at least an hour before proceeding with the article below.

Step 4: Putting Colored Chips Back Into Place

You should replace your chips now that you’ve taken them out. If you want to avoid losing or mixing up these chips, a white or light-colored tabletop could be a good choice. You should replace your chips in the same order in which you removed them. Put your chips in a layout that makes sense to you. The green chips may go in the middle of the stack, or you could group all the black chips together.

Stack the chips of the same color into an ascending length of cord, with the chip lacking a cord at the bottom. Always keep the unplugged end of your chip facing you, at eye level.

Start at one side and work your way across the board, placing each stacked chip into the remote control for your LED light. The larger chip should be placed near the remote’s plug, while the smaller one should be placed below. Make use of the shortest chip of the same color to fill up any gaps between your other colors. If you need to utilize a color but aren’t sure which to use, it’s better to select the one that is most similar to the intended result than to try to make an exact match.

Step 5: Replacing Chips into Lights

Now that you’ve rearranged your chips on the controller board and filled up any empty spots, you may replace them in the lamps. Carefully align each color chip with its socket on the LED light’s case, making sure the unplugged end of the chip is pointing toward the lens before turning the power back on.

Put each chip into its socket by hand and make sure it fits tightly. Each chip must be firmly in its socket and not move when you press down on it.

Step 6: Reconnecting Lights to Power

Once all of the chips have been returned to their slots, the next step is to reconnect the appropriate color’s plug to the board on the remote control and power it on. Turn on the remote or the power switch that’s actually on top of each LED light to make sure they all work. This page should be read again for any lights that appear to be a different color than intended. If you aren’t satisfied with the way your LED lights look in both typical and unusual lighting, feel free to read this page again and again until you are.

Step 7: Test Complete

Turn off the power and see how everything looks in natural light once you’ve confirmed that the lights have been adjusted properly. The How-to instruction should be followed again, but only for the lights that require adjustments or whose colors do not blend properly. When the color temperature of your LED light set is exactly what you want it to be when the lights are turned on, you can give yourself a pat on the back for solving a common problem without having to visit a repair shop or buy replacement parts.

Step 8: Check Settings and Reset Remote If All Colors look Correct

Now that you have finished your project and are happy with the results, you should double-check the settings on your remote control board or the LED lights themselves to ensure everything is working as intended. Make sure there isn’t a “warm white” and “cool white” setting, as they might affect how colors appear in different lighting, and reset any off-colors to something that appears more acceptable. Review this article once again after you have done all of the testing, to be sure or to troubleshoot any potential issues before or after it is completed.

Step 9: Buy Another Controller Board

It may be necessary to get a new remote control board for your LED light set if you still can’t get all of the colors to work properly due to a faulty light or lights during the project. You may purchase these from the manufacturer, or you can find them at any hardware store that carries LED light bulbs. It’s not hard to swap out these boards if you’ve followed the article’s directions, so if you need to, do it again.

Step 10: Buy New Lights If Remote Controler Board Replacement Failed

If following the steps in the How-to Guide did not help you restore the correct color temperature to your LED lights and replacing the controller board did not help, then you should probably buy a new set of LED lights. You can find these lights in a wide variety of styles to accommodate your current decor or create a whole new look. If the controller board wasn’t replaced when the new lights were bought, the How-to Guide can be used to find out what to do.

Step 11: Troubleshooting

If the remote control board replacement likewise fails to restore full functionality after trying to fix the LED light set as described in this article, then you must carry out further investigation to determine the root cause of the problem. Retry the procedure with the power cut off to the matching color’s socket on the controller board. With this article as a guide, there is no need to second-guess or waste time fixing components that will fail again after the report is finalized. Follow these instructions to correct the color of your LED lights using a remote control.

How Do You Reset Led Lights Without Remote?

A common cause is forgetting to insert the batteries after unpacking the lights. A button, clearly labeled on the battery pack, powers down the device and stores your preferences. Simply pressing the button once more will bring back your prior settings, which you may then tweak as necessary.

A further rationale is that you first made the wrong settings and now wish to revert to the original configuration. On the battery cover, the factory reset button, which you push to return the device to its original settings, is usually marked with an arrow.

Keeping in mind that the lights will return to their original settings after pressing factory reset and reprogramming can be helpful. Imagine you had previously decided to have one colored blue and the other red, but now you’ve decided that you’d like them both to be the same color. When you hit the factory reset button, it will forget what color each light was previously set to, so if one was blue and the other was green, they will both be green from the get-go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are My Led Lights Doing the Wrong Color?

The power source may be malfunctioning, a regular problem. To make sure, you’ll need to find out if the light fixture is receiving electricity. If not, then you’ll have to get a new power cord.

In the event that the LED module is defective, it is recommended that it be replaced due to its short lifespan. By switching out a single LED-equipped bulb, you might be able to fix problems with colors that are off or don’t look right.

Are There Black Led Lights?

As well as being available in a rainbow of hues, these babies are also incredibly versatile. Black LED lights are often used for disco and club lighting, as well as on stages and in theaters. They work great as tools for making new visual effects for both still images and videos.

Can Blacklight Hurt Eyes?

Black light parties are entertaining, but they shouldn’t be treated as a means to stay out all night. To be clear, when used appropriately, blacklights are harmless to the eyes. However, extended exposure can cause eye fatigue and even temporary blindness. Select a light source with the proper wavelength (between 320 and 360 nanometers) and don’t stare into it for more than two seconds. Also, make sure that everyone in your group is safe around lights by wearing goggles and using shields when taking pictures or videos of people who are posing near them.

Is It Ok to Sleep With a Black Light on?

There is a debate on whether or not using a black light when sleeping is beneficial. We suggest consulting a medical professional if you have concerns about going to bed with a black light on.


If your TV remote’s color-changing capabilities have ever driven you to the brink of madness, this article is for you. Fixing the wrong colors on an LED light control is as simple as following these instructions.

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