How to Fix “This server’s content is unavailable on iOS” on Discord

Can’t access the server because it says “This server’s content is unavailable on iOS”?

Another error message: “Age-restricted servers are forbidden on the iOS platform per App Store standards.”

Please visit our Help Center where you may find additional information on this problem.

If you’re using an iOS device and seeing these error messages, it’s likely because you don’t meet the minimum age requirement to access some servers.

That means you can’t access any of the Discord servers that contain mature content.

Due to Google Play’s lax policies, this never occurs on Android devices.

Find out why you get the error message “This server’s content is not available on iOS” when you try to join an NSFW Discord server and how to fix it here.

  • Why can’t I join NSFW Discord servers on iOS?
  • How to Fix “This server’s content is unavailable on iOS” on Discord

Why can’t I join NSFW Discord servers on iOS?

Discord Gets an Updated Age Rating on the Apple App Store

Apple has made it so that you can’t connect to NSFW servers on the iOS version of Discord.

The iOS version of Discord was updated to reflect a change in its age rating from 12+ to 17+ on March 22, 2021.

This means that iOS devices may not be able to connect to some Discord servers because of content restrictions.

In other words, if you’ve joined an NSFW server on the desktop version of Discord, you won’t be able to access it in the Discord iOS app.

We complied with Apple’s request and updated the required age range.

Discord cares a lot about keeping its young users safe, so it has put in place a number of safeguards and rules.

If you’re using Discord on Android or on a computer, you won’t be affected by this update.

A Workaround for Discord’s “This server’s content is unavailable on iOS”

How to Fix “This server’s content is unavailable on iOS” on Discord

To fix the “This server’s content is not available on iOS” error in Discord, you need to allow access to servers with age restrictions.

Discord’s desktop client is required for this.

Discord’s mobile app doesn’t support this because the capability isn’t available.

You can change how old you have to be to use your Discord account on the desktop client.

You’ll want to head straight to your account’s security and privacy settings after that.

Select “Privacy & Safety” from the settings menu and do what needs doing.

To finish, check the box labeled “Allow access to age-restricted servers on iOS.”

In order for the setting to take effect upon its activation, you must close and restart the Discord iOS app.

1. Go to your user settings

To begin, launch Discord on your computer and navigate to the application’s preferences.

Click get the Discord client on your computer.

If you go to the website and click the “Download for Windows” button, you can get the Windows version of Discord.

After you’ve downloaded and set up Discord, open the program and click the cog icon to go to the settings menu.

Don’t forget that this is only compatible with the desktop client of Discord.

The Discord mobile app does not support accessing age-restricted servers.

2. Allow access to age-restricted servers

By selecting the cogwheel image, you may access your profile preferences.

Numerous options are accessible from the menu on the left.

Among these are the options for “My Account,” “User Profile,” “Privacy & Safety,” and others.

To adjust your personal security and privacy settings, please select “Privacy & Safety” now.

When you go to your security and privacy settings, you’ll see a section called “Server Privacy Defaults.”

There’s an option to “Allow access to age-restricted servers on iOS” in this area.

The feature is turned off by default, and you have to turn it on before you can use it.

Access age-restricted servers on iOS by toggling the setting to “On.”

If you’re 18 or older and a member of an 18+ server on the desktop version of Discord, you’ll be able to browse that server on your iOS device.

Finally, you’ll need to close and reopen the Discord mobile app to have your changes taken into account.

Simply slide up from the bottom of your screen and out of the Discord app to force close it.

After allowing access to age-restricted servers, the message “This server’s content is not available on iOS” won’t show up anymore.


Any Discord server that hosts material deemed inappropriate for minors must implement age restrictions.

As a result, only people over the age of 18 will be able to access these systems.

As a server owner, you can put up a gate that only lets people over 18 into certain channels.

If most of the information on your server is for adults, you can also limit access to the whole server.

It’s common knowledge that the App Store’s policies are more stringent than those of the Google Play Store.

Only iOS devices will be affected by the new age rating system.

As a result, the Discord mobile app for Android devices will continue to grant access to all servers.

If, on the other hand, you put in an age that is less than 18, you will need to send a request to Discord to have your age changed.

This is the case because some servers refuse service to anyone under the age of 18.

Please refer to for additional information on how to be safe while using Discord.

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