How to Fix “Your account was permanently banned” on TikTok

Does TikTok say “Your account was permanently banned?”

In a longer version of the error message, it says, “The account was banned permanently because it broke your Community Guidelines several times.”

Then, “You may also download your data,” it says.
Permanent bans from TikTok are given to those who have repeatedly broken the rules set out in the Community Guidelines.

No appeal can be processed until you have restored access to your TikTok account.

If you are banned temporarily, however, you won’t be able to re-enter the site until the ban period ends.

This tutorial will show you how to fix the “Your account was permanently banned” error and explain why TikTok banned you for no apparent reason.

  • Why am i banned from TikTok?
  • How to Fix “Your account was permanently banned” on TikTok

Why am i banned from TikTok?

As a result of repeated rule violations, you have been permanently removed from TikTok.

Repeated offenses will result in harsher punishments, up to and including an outright ban.

Dangerous behavior, explicit materials, and acts of violence are all examples of violations.

See for the entire list.

You will be warned the first time you do something that goes against the rules of the community.

To the contrary, you will be permanently banned if the policy you violate has zero tolerance.

Furthermore, your device could be banned, and you would lose access to the option of creating a new account.

Consequences range from a warning to an indefinite suspension for repeat offenders.

With a temporary ban in place, you won’t be able to make any profile or video edits for a period of 24 hours to two days.

When you get permanently banned from TikTok, you will never be able to use the service again.

How to Fix “Your account was permanently banned” on TikTok

The only way to fix the TikTok error message “Your account has been permanently banned” is to submit a support ticket.

Using the “Share your feedback” form, you can lodge a formal complaint.

Use TikTok’s “Share your feedback” feature to tell them what you think about the service.

It can also be used to report an issue to TikTok or to file an appeal against a decision made by the company.

TikTok has 1–3 business days to respond to your appeal once you submit it.
If the request to unban your TikTok account works, you will get an email telling you.

Do not try to contact TikTok by email because they probably won’t reply.

If you have been banned or suspended from TikTok, please use the “Share your feedback” page to get in touch with the company.

1. Go to the “Share your feedback” form

It all starts with filling out the “Share your feedback” form.

This form will allow you to share your thoughts and opinions with TikTok.

The same form can be used to lodge an appeal or report an issue.

To begin, fire up your preferred web browser (we recommend Chrome or Safari) and head over to Google.

Find “Share your feedback on TikTok” after you’re on Google.

Choose the link that reads “Give us your thoughts | TikTok” in the search results.

You may also access the form at

2. Enter your contact information

Select “Share your feedback | TikTok” to access the “Share your feedback” form.

Please provide your personal details now.

To get started, please complete the “Email address” section with your email address.

An email address that is associated with your TikTok account is preferred.
Second, fill up the “Username (Optional)” form with your TikTok handle.

It’s not required, but if you want to challenge the decision to permanently ban your account, you’ll need to fill it out.

The value “followchain” would be entered if your TikTok link was “,” for instance.

For the third step, choose “Account ban/suspension” as the subject.

All prohibited accounts should be posted in the “Account ban/suspension” forum.

Select the topic’s subtopic as the final step.

The option “Banned account (not age-related)” is for cases where a user’s account is disabled but not due to their age.

3. Complete and submit the form

Fill out the remaining fields of the form after you’ve entered your personal details.

It is very important that you explain why you want your TikTok account to be unblocked permanently.

A sample description might be, “Hey TikTok, By accident, I received a permanent ban from the system. I checked, and my video does not go against any of the rules.

The final line of the description can be read as, “Please reconsider your decision to permanently delete my account.”
Second, before sending the form, please check that the information in the “Declaration” section is correct.

Check the boxes if you agree that these two statements are correct.

Finally, hit that “Submit” button and give TikTok a few days to get back to you.

If there is a flood of appeals, you could be waiting a week or longer.

When your TikTok account is unblocked, you’ll get an email telling you about it.


TikTok uses technologies to monitor uploaded videos for possible violations of its Community Guidelines.

If the technology works, your clip will be erased without you having to do anything.

On rare occasions, the video may be reviewed by TikTok’s internal safety team.

If someone says that your video breaks the community rules, it will be taken down.

You will also be told why you are being suspended and given the chance to file an appeal.

The video will be published on TikTok, however, if the TikTok safety team does not find a violation.

However, the clip can be taken down if it is reported at a later time.

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