How to Install a Ring Peephole Camera Without a Peephole

In terms of home safety, ring devices are among the most well-liked options available.

A Ring is a great option to provide homeowners with peace of mind because it can be used in a variety of situations and is easy to set up without breaking the bank or needing a lot of specialized equipment.

The Ring firm provides basic security cameras in addition to doorbells and peepholes.

Putting up a Ring Peephole camera in a door without a preexisting peephole will require some extra work and may be difficult. You can do it by yourself if you put in the extra effort and use the right resources.

You can find instructions for setting up a Ring Peephole Camera if there is no preexisting peephole in this piece.

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1. Installing A Ring Peephole Camera

1.1. Tools Needed
2. Drilling the Hole

3. Setting the Ring Peephole Up

3.1. Be Aware
3.2. Connecting the Ring Peephole Camera

4. Why Do I Need a Subscription?

4.1. Subscription Details
5. Final Thoughts

Installing A Ring Peephole Camera

For the most part, if you want to use a Ring Peephole Camera, you’ll already have a pre-existing peephole in your door.

You may have to wing it if the door in question doesn’t have a peephole.

However, the installation is still achievable with the right equipment and some extra time and work.

Tools Needed

If there isn’t already a peephole in your door, you’ll need to gather the necessary components before you can install a Ring Peephole camera.

You don’t want to go halfway through the project and then realize you forgot an important step.

Your drill must have enough torque to drive the right bit through your door’s material.

For best results when using a cordless drill, charge it completely before beginning work.

Having a hole in your front door is an incredibly inconvenient situation.

Make sure you have the right drill bit before you attempt to drill a hole in your door, both in terms of size and material.

Some of the doors are solid wood, while others are made of a combination of steel and wood.

If you don’t have the right bit for the job, you won’t get it done.

You’ll need to equip yourself with the right drill bit for the job at hand.

Typically, the diameter of a peephole is 0.5 inches.

The Ring camera is designed to fit through a regular-sized peephole, so it’s important that you get the proportions right.

Wear protective eyewear; it may seem excessive, but think about the substance you’ll be drilling through. The door might send wood or metal shavings flying.

An eye injury caused by metal or wood should be avoided at all costs.

Wearing protective eyewear is a precaution worth taking.

Use a pen or pencil to make a precise mark at the desired starting location for your drill.

Keep in mind that it will be permanently mounted on your door and, hence, must be centered.

To ensure the peephole is centered in the door, you will need to measure its width after you have determined the proper height.

Having a peephole that isn’t centered might be annoying, so make sure to measure twice before cutting.

In order to place the Ring Peephole into a metal door, you may need to use a metal file to round down the hole’s sharp edges.

Drilling the Hole

You can start setting up the peephole camera as soon as you have all the necessary components.

All of the people who have tried to do this task agree that it can be done in fifteen minutes.

Don’t give up if it takes you longer; that’s to be expected if you have little experience with power tools.

By using the measuring tools provided, precisely where you want to drill the hole can be determined. The ideal height is between 66 and 168 cm (54 and 64 inches) from the floor (Source: House Trick). Many people find that this height is just right for them. A lower peephole may be necessary if there is someone living inside who is unable to bear the discomfort of peering outside. The Ring camera, however, works fine at the typical height.

To avoid drilling into the wrong position while installing the peephole, mark the door first.

Do not forget to wear your protective eyewear.

Create the void by drilling.

If required, smooth out the hole’s jagged edges with some filing. It’s important to avoid over-filing because doing so will alter the hole’s size and cause other issues.

Setting the Ring Peephole Up

Drilling the peephole is the first step in setting up the Ring Peephole.

Achieving this will be a breeze if the hole is the right size.

When you buy a Ring Peephole, it will come with clear instructions on how to put it in.

Be Aware

Because of variations in door thickness, the Ring Peephole camera may not always fit snugly in the peephole.

In such a case, you can use the extension that comes with the installation package.

The camera can then be attached to the inside of the door in a secure manner, and the peephole can sit flush with the door.

Connecting the Ring Peephole Camera

Installing the camera inside the door is the first step toward setting up the gadget. Once again, a detailed guide is included in each package.

On the other hand, you’ll need these items on hand before you can start arranging the camera.

  1. Wi-fi
  2. The App to Make Your Phone’s Bell
  3. Registration with a Ring
  4. batteries that are at full capacity.
  5. The Ring Peephole camera operates off of rechargeable batteries.

You should plan on charging the camera’s battery pack once every 20 days at the very least.

Battery life varies from device to device and is based on the data collected.

Why Do I Need a Subscription?

The Ring Peephole Camera’s capabilities are simple to use and don’t require a membership.

The recordings made by your camera are stored, but you will need a membership in order to watch them.

Spending money on recordings might seem pointless at first, but having access to them in case of a police investigation is well worth the cost.

Subscription Details

If you only need Ring on one device, the monthly fee is really reasonable.

You have the option to either commit to a yearly plan and pay once, or pay on a monthly basis.

Like with other subscription services, paying for a full year at once will save you a little money.

You can usually get this package for about $30. It’s money well spent because it gives many people peace of mind. (From Ring)

Final Thoughts

Those who have decided on purchasing a Ring Peephole camera will find it simple to adapt the device for use with any door.

Even though it could take some time and effort to get everything ready for the installation, it is possible.

Accurate measuring is essential, as is making sure you have the right instruments before starting.

Even if you own your home outright, you’ll still want to get your landlord’s approval before drilling any holes within the house.

Once you’ve got those things set up, you can put in your Ring Peephole camera.

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