How to Transfer Crypto from Coinbase to Binance

It’s possible you’ll wish to move cryptocurrency from one exchange to another, such as Coinbase to Binance.

The process of moving cryptocurrencies from one trading platform to another is straightforward.

To receive cryptocurrencies, just copy the address of the wallet containing that currency.

Copy the address from the wallet and paste it into the exchange where you want to deposit the funds.

For instance, to make a Bitcoin transfer from Coinbase to Binance, you would need to replicate your Bitcoin wallet address on Binance.

Then, copy the Binance wallet address and send it to the “To” section of Coinbase’s “Send” tab to transfer Bitcoin to the exchange.

Typically, the transmission time is quite swift, but it can be slower than expected if the network is overburdened.

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You’ll find instructions for making that move from Coinbase to Binance here.

How to transfer crypto from Coinbase to Binance

You must first copy your cryptocurrency’s wallet address on Binance before you may send funds from Coinbase to Binance.

Following this, copy the wallet’s address and paste it into Coinbase’s “To” section to send the cryptocurrency.

If you have a Coinbase account and wish to transfer Bitcoin to Binance, you will, among other things, need to duplicate your Bitcoin wallet address on Binance.

Paste your Bitcoin wallet address into the “To” field of the “Send/Receive” pop-up window on Coinbase.

After that, select “Send now” and “Continue.”

Coinbase will show you the expected timing of the transaction before you confirm it.

For instance, if the transaction takes 30 minutes, for instance, Coinbase will say “est. around 30 minutes.”

Congestion in the network could cause the transaction to take longer than usual.

Coinbase to Binance cryptocurrency transfers are described here.

  1. Go to your “Fiat and Spot” wallet on Binance
  2. Search for the crypto & click on “Deposit”
  3. Copy the coin’s address
  4. Go to Coinbase & click on “Send/Receive”
  5. Paste your coin’s wallet address from Binance
  6. Click on “Send now”

1. Go to your “Fiat and Spot” wallet on Binance

Withdrawal and deposits on Binance

The first thing you need to do is head over to Binance’s “Fiat and Spot” page.

To begin, navigate to Binance’s homepage and select “Log In.”

After that, sign in to your Binance account using your credentials.

After logging in, you will be sent directly to the exchange’s main page.

The “Wallet” and “Orders” tabs can be found on the main menu.

To access your financial details, use the “Wallet” button.

A drop-down menu will appear whenever you select “Wallet” from the main menu.

To access your fiat and spot wallet, choose it from the main menu and then click “Fiat and spot.”

2. Search for the crypto & click on “Deposit”

Selecting “Fiat and spot” will take you to your fiat and spot wallet.

You can add or remove both fiat currency and cryptocurrency from your fiat and spot wallet.

What you hold in each cryptocurrency will be displayed on the website.

One can trade, deposit, withdraw, and acquire cryptocurrency.

Choose the coin you wish to deposit from the list.

To do this, just type the name of the cryptocurrency into the “Search Coin” field.

For instance, to deposit Bitcoin, just type “Bitcoin” into the search bar.

Then, select “Deposit” under the Bitcoin section.

The opposite is true for making a deposit; simply look up “Ethereum” and hit the “Deposit” button.

3. Copy the coin’s address

To access the wallet for a certain coin, click “Deposit” on that cryptocurrency.

If you have a Bitcoin wallet and have selected “Deposit,” you will be taken there.

A dropdown menu labeled with your chosen cryptocurrency will appear under the “Coin” heading.

To deposit a certain cryptocurrency, you must first select it from the “Coin” selection.

Bitcoin deposits should be made using the “BTC Bitcoin” option in the “Coin” dropdown menu.

The “Address” field on the page’s right will display the unique address used to access your cryptocurrency wallet.

Once you click the Bitcoin option, your Bitcoin wallet address will appear.

You can copy the address by highlighting it and copying it.

To make a copy of your address, just click the icon that looks like a duplicate.

4. Go to Coinbase & click on “Send/Receive”

Binance accepts deposits through Coinbase, so once you have the wallet address for the cryptocurrency you wish to deposit, go on over there.

Get started with Coinbase by visiting their homepage and signing into your account.

Following registering with Coinbase, you will be taken directly to the main page.

A “Buy/Sell” and “Send/Receive” button can be seen on the homepage.

By clicking the “Buy/Trade” button, users can buy and sell digital currencies on Coinbase.

In contrast, the “Send/Receive” tab facilitates the transfer of digital currency.

In this case, “Transmit/Receive” will get you to the right place on Binance to send cryptocurrency.

5. Paste your coin’s wallet address from Binance

When you choose to send or receive something, a new window labeled simply “Send/Receive” will appear.

To send the message, click the “Send” option on the pop-up window.

Up order to send encrypted messages, you’ll need to fill in a few fields.

Before anything else, you’ll need to specify how much cryptocurrency you intend to send to Binance.

Just type “$10” if you wish to transfer exactly $10 USD in Bitcoin.

The next step is to enter the destination address for the cryptocurrency transaction.

In the third stage, you can accomplish this.

Once you have copied the address for the cryptocurrency, you may enter it into the “To” field.

The final step is to choose the cryptocurrency you wish to send.

To send cryptocurrencies, simply click the “Pay with” column and pick the appropriate option.

To pay using Bitcoin, for instance, you would click the “Bitcoin” button under the “Pay with” section.

When you’re ready to proceed with the purchase, just hit the “Continue” button.

6. Click on “Send now”

Once you hit “Continue,” you’ll be taken to a summary of your transaction.

You can examine the total value of the cryptocurrency you are sending to Binance on the transaction summary.

Coinbase’s fee, the Network charge, the total, and the predicted transaction time are all displayed.

Before hitting “Send now,” double-check that everything is accurate.

If you want to send your bitcoin to Binance and everything checks out, click the “Send now” button.

An average of 30 minutes is needed to complete the transaction.

In the event of network congestion, however, it may be delayed.

You have successfully moved your cryptocurrency from Coinbase to Binance.


The process of moving cryptocurrency from one exchange to another is typically quick and easy.

In short, you must copy the wallet address of the cryptocurrency you wish to receive and then paste it into the corresponding field on the withdrawal or sending page of the other exchange.

Following that, the transmission process often concludes within a few minutes.

Unfortunately, delays are to be expected due to the prevalence of network problems.

It’s possible that the transfer could take several hours to finish.

After several hours, you can ask your exchange for help if your transfer is still being processed.

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