Hugo Avalos Chanon: What Really Happened the Day He Died

Uncertainty surrounds Hugo Avalos Chanon’s actual birthday. As a result, we don’t know his astrological sign, either. He was a Mexican-American who had lived in Southeast Portland. In addition, he passed away on April 29, 2013. When he went away, he was just 41 years old.

Fate took him in an accident at Interstate Meat Distributors Inc., where he worked as a meat processor. There is a complete absence of information on his parents and siblings. Also, he was ambiguous regarding his credentials and academic experience.

Hugo Avalos Chanon

What Was Hugo Avalos- Chanon’s Occupation?

The cleaning industry was Hugo Avalos Chanon’s primary source of income. He has worked at DCS Sanitation Management Inc. throughout his life. The contracted company’s daily duties include cleaning the meat processing equipment used by Interstate Meat Distributors. He cleaned the butcher shop’s equipment the evening before he passed away.

The cleaning services contractor was murdered on Friday night after he fell into a mechanical mixer, as previously revealed (April 29, 2013). Before midnight, medical personnel was sent to the plant. There he was, stuck in a blender, until someone found him. Such a mixer is used to reduce the fat in the meat. The next day, firefighters arrived at the plant, shut down the machines, and removed his body.

State of Oregon investigators gathered information from the ground up. An October subpoena related to a possible threat also led to an investigation of the factory’s records. The state department of occupational health and safety found that the meat grinders had not been secured before being cleaned.

Accordingly, they reasoned, the machine’s unexpected activation could have been what ultimately led to the victim’s death. Interstate Meat Distributors’ CEO, Darrin Hoy, said their reps have been completely honest with law enforcement. Due to production issues, a consumer warning was issued in 2007.

Officials had just found E. coli in the company’s ground beef supply. The Oregonian reports that in 2005, an accident occurred at the business.

Hugo Avalos-Chanon Cause of Death

Hugo Avalos Chanon was crushed to death by the mechanical blender at a meatpacking company. Interstate Meat Distributors Inc. is mourning the loss of Hugo, a 41-year-old Southeast Portland resident. Hugo worked for a hygienic management company contracted to care for the meat processing plants.

As he was cleaning the meat grinder, the hose he used to do so became entangled and pulled him inside the chamber, which wasn’t securely locked. Avalos-Chanon died from “blunt-force injuries and cutting wounds,” as determined by Dr. Cliff Young, the deputy state medical examiner.

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