Hulu Launches Animayhem, a One-Stop Shop for Anime and Animation Fans

It appears like Hulu is preparing to rename its selection of anime and cartoons. Recent reports describing the new block on the streaming service have surfaced. It turns out that the corporation is bringing in Animayhem, and viewers will be able to use the block to filter through the most popular anime and animation.

Variety provided the update after learning that Hulu would be introducing this new block. It turns out that Animayhem will compile all of the adult animation and anime available on the site in one location.

The tweet below confirms the news:

“When you have the number one offering in adult animation and anime of any major streaming service, creating this destination is obvious. We know exactly where we can meet these fans, because they’re already here,” Barrie Gruner, Hulu’s executive vice president of marketing and publicity, shared with Variety.

Hulu’s Animayhem Hub Celebrates

According to the report, given the volume of animation and anime its viewers watch, Hulu thought it made perfect sense to bring this block to reality. More than one billion hours of animation have been seen on Hulu so far in 2023, with roughly 300 million of those hours being anime.

“Creating this brand was really the brainchild of our leadership, Shannon Ryan, who runs marketing for Disney Entertainment Television, and Joe Earley, the president of D2C,” Gruner shared. “It quickly picked up momentum throughout the whole company. All the teams really shared the enthusiasm around that because it’s such a unique opportunity to give fans what they want.”

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To provide streaming viewers with an “animation destination” that mixes adult animation and anime is the aim of Animayhem. “I would say that this brand really cements Hulu as the ultimate streaming destination for animation and we’re not going to achieve that with single title campaigns,” Gruner said. “Our original programming and our library truly intersect here.”

The hub Animayhem will include a wide range of television programs, from Futurama to Naruto. Nearly 280 anime titles, including Hulu exclusives like Tokyo Revengers and Undead Unluck, and 46 adult animated series are now available on the streaming service. Users can soon anticipate browsing Animayhem because Hulu is ready to offer its animated material as the streaming market continues to aggressively diversify.

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