I Am Legend 2 Release Date and Who is The Cast in It?

In the universe of I Am Legend, humans and deadly mutants who are allergic to sunlight are among the only remaining species. Robert Neville, a scientist, is trying to find a way to restore the mutants’ humanity by curing them of their mutated state. Despite mixed reviews, the $150 million budgeted film ended up making $585.4 million worldwide. There has always been speculation of a sequel, and now it looks like it will actually happen.

I Am Legend 2 Release Date

The sequel to “I Am Legend” is scheduled for a late 2024/early 2025 release. Although we cannot confirm these dates at this time, production of the film has begun. The announcement came in March of 2022, so it should take the producers, director, and production company at least that long to get the film into theaters.

You can see a tweet related to the movie:

They won’t dally around, though; they want to release the final product while people are still excited about it. It’s a long time to wait between the first picture and the sequel, nearly two decades. It has been argued, though, that this is for the best, as the movie will finally be released when audiences will be able to give it their full attention.

The Walking Dead, a show about survivors of a zombie apocalypse, dominated television from 2011 to 2022. Some have said that there wasn’t much room for enthusiasm surrounding I am Legend 2, given that it essentially dealt with the same subject matter.

The Cast of I Am Legend 2

The cast of I Am Legend 2

With the revelation that the original I Am Legend’s alternative ending serves as the basis for the sequel, it is safe to assume that Smith will reprise his role as Robert Neville in I Am Legend 2, and not simply via archival footage or flashbacks.

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The massive success of I Am Legend (nearly $500 million according to Box Office Mojo) justifies the drastic measures Warner Bros. is taking to revive Smith within the franchise. Michael B. Jordan, the actor of Creed, has been confirmed to appear in I Am Legend 2, according to recent updates, however, his role in the film remains unknown. Based on her statements, Alice Braga may be making a comeback as well.

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