In A Shooting Involving A Louisville Police Officer, No Charges Were Brought

The Louisville police officers who killed a man in his home on Oct. 23 by shooting him have not been charged, the Boulder County District Attorney’s office said Wednesday.

The DA’s office said in a news release that the three officers involved, Michael Miranda, Ben Hibl, and Mackenzie Calvano, had reason to believe that the man, 57-year-old Lynn Fredericksen, posed an “imminent threat of deadly harm” to them and others, and that they were “legally justified in using deadly force.”

In the news release, the DA’s office also shared details about what happened before the shooting that had not been made public before. After seven years of marriage, Fredericksen and his wife, who is not named in the release, had their first child on October 14. Fredricksen was said to have been acting scared and worried and hadn’t slept for days. On Oct. 21, Fredericksen’s wife took him to the hospital so he could get help because he was thinking about killing himself.

The release said that Fredericksen went into their room early on October 23 and started making “concerning statements.” Then he beat his wife up, leaving her with bruises and injuries. She had thought she was going to die at the time.

No charges filed in Louisville PD officer-involved shooting

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After his wife got away from him, she called 911 and told the police that he had hurt her. At 6:29 a.m., police were sent to the 300 block of East Street home. When the police got to the house, Fredericksen was standing in a bathroom doorway with a big butcher knife in his hand. He had cut his own neck badly with a knife and was covered in blood.

Miranda told Fredericksen to put down the knife, but he didn’t. When Fredericksen moved toward Miranda while still holding the knife, all three officers shot him, killing him. No officers were hurt, and everyone else in the house was able to get out safely.

In the release, Boulder County District Attorney Michael Dougherty said, “This scary case of domestic violence ended with the death of a person, which is a tragedy.” “Even though it happened quickly, this will affect Ms. Fredericksen, her baby, and the rest of her family for the rest of their lives. I also know that this domestic violence call will have a lasting effect on the police officers who came to help. When police officers use deadly force, the investigation that follows is important for everyone involved and for the community as a whole.”

The Boulder County DA’s office made the announcement after a thorough investigation by the Boulder County Investigation Team. This team looks into all cases where a police officer uses deadly (or potentially deadly) force against a person while on the job. As per department policy, the officers were put on administrative leave while the case was being looked into.

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