Indiana Family Grieves After Father K!lled, Sons Injured in Grenade Explosion

Authorities said that a hand grenade inside the residence of a father and his two teenage sons in northwest Indiana caused the father’s de@th and injuries to both boys.

The device was discovered by the family members when they were sorting through a grandfather’s possessions on Saturday night, according to a news release from Pam Jones, a spokeswoman for the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

Reports say someone yanked the device’s pin, and it exploded.

Around 6:30 p.m., sheriff’s deputies arrived at the house and discovered the father was not breathing. Later, he was pronounced dead.

CNN confirms this news on its official Twitter account:

About 50 miles southeast of Chicago, near the town of Lakes of the Four Seasons, Indiana, there was an explosion.

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According to the press statement, “the Porter County Bomb Squad was called to secure the area and assess whether there may be additional explosive devices.”

According to the announcement, authorities are actively looking into the matter.

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