Instagram Confession Charges Pennsylvania Teen With Killing

Instagram Confession Charges Pennsylvania Teen With Killing: Joshua Cooper, who was just 16 years old at the time, allegedly admitted to shooting someone and asked for aid via Instagram in getting rid of the body. This is according to the Bensalem Police, who indicated that Joshua Cooper made this admission.

A Pennsylvania Teen Was Charged With Murder After Posting a Confession on Instagram

A juvenile from Pennsylvania has been charged with murder, according to the Pennsylvania police, after he confessed to them on Instagram that he had shot and murdered another youngster. The police received this information through Instagram. The Bensalem Police Department reportedly received a call on Friday afternoon reporting a possible homicide from a caller who detailed an Instagram video conversation she had received from a friend. This is according to a press statement that was published by the Bensalem Police Department. The information was sent by the caller to the 911 operator.

During the chat, the juvenile allegedly stated that he “had just murdered someone” before turning the camera around and showing the legs and feet of someone covered in blood. This information was provided to the authorities by the juvenile. After that, he allegedly pleaded for assistance in removing the corpse, as stated by the police. After that, he reportedly asked for assistance in removing the body.

The caller allegedly informed the police that the youngster who was responsible for sending the message resided at the Top of the Ridge trailer park in Bensalem. This information is gleaned from the statement that was given to the police. The adolescent ran away from the back of a trailer when the police came, but according to the police, he was later caught about one mile away at the intersection of Newport Mews Drive and Groton Drive.

When law enforcement police entered the trailer, they allegedly found a girl lying dead on the floor of the toilet from what seemed to be a gunshot wound. According to the authorities, the girl had been shot to death. Once the murder scene was located, the cops said that “extensive steps” were taken to clean up the area where the murder occurred.

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Instagram Confession Charges Pennsylvania Teen With Killing
The only thing that is known about the victim is that she is a juvenile; the identity of the victim as well as her age has not been made public at this time. According to the police, Joshua Cooper, who is just 16 years old, is being prosecuted as an adult with criminal homicide, having instruments of crime, and tampering with or fabricating physical evidence. He is facing these charges even though he has been charged as a juvenile. These are the allegations that have been made against him in the lawsuit.

The online court records indicate that he made an appearance at a preliminary arraignment on Friday night and that he was subsequently denied bail after the hearing. It is unknown if he pled guilty or not guilty to the charges against him. The officials claim that Cooper is now being held at the Edison Juvenile Detention Center. [Cooper] His arraignment is scheduled to take place on December 7th, as indicated by the court records that can be seen online.

The online court documents did not make any reference to the fact that the minor defendant was represented by a counsel. The firm Instagram was asked to comment on by ABC News but did not immediately respond to the news organization’s inquiry. Since the Bensalem Police Department is now investigating the criminal activity, you should contact them if you have any further information on the case.

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