Is Alison Victoria Still Married to Luke Harding? Or Did They Just Divorce?

Fans recognize her from her appearances on Windy City Rehab on the Home & Garden Television Network and Kitchen Crashers on the DIY Network. As a designer and function Object, she attracts customers from the ritziest neighborhoods and businesses.

You’ll find everything you need to know about the renovator’s love life, family, net worth, and more right here about Alison Victoria.

Is Alison Victoria Still Married To Luke Harding?

In 2021, the show’s second season, contractor Donovan Eckhardt sued Alison for defamation. In contrast, Alison often referred to Donovan as her “work spouse” before the lawsuit. In light of this new information, many are curious as to whether or not the renovator is indeed married. The reality star was married in the past.

Luke Harding, an insurance agent, married Alison Victoria. After meeting on in 2011, they tied the knot in 2013. Both the designer and the insurance agent appear to have moved on from their relationship. Though she hasn’t said why or when they broke up, Alison has moved on from her relationship with Luke and is seeing someone else.

According to the PEOPLE article, Alison has moved on from her long-term partner Michael Marks. She is not one to talk about her boyfriend or her personal life in general. That’s why she’s been mum about the specifics of her connection with Luke and Michael and how they met.

is Alison Victoria Still Married to Luke Harding

Love life Alison Victoria and Luke Harding

As was previously mentioned, Victoria and Harding met online in 2011 and hit it off nearly immediately. Their online courtship lasted a month before they finally met in person, and their relationship lasted for the next two years. Alison went so far as to buy a house next to him so they could be nearer to each other.

Images from Luke’s 2013 proposal to Alison can be found with an easy Google search. Their marriage, which began in November 2013, seemed to be off to a great start. Every marriage, just like every married pair, is happiest in its early stages.

However, the marriage failed and the couple eventually split up for undisclosed reasons. Alison did not provide any information regarding the date of separation or the status of their divorce. Their breakup was kept quiet by the media, and they ultimately reached an amicable resolution.

Alison Victoria’s Ex-Husband Luke Harding’s Husband

Luke, an insurance salesperson, wed Alison, a former online acquaintance, in November 2012. His apparent riches are evidenced by the fact that Alison wore a pricey wedding band. Specifically, it’s a stunning Pomellato diamond pave ring, a brand known for its classic jewelry. On June 1, 2013, the couple held a small, private wedding ceremony.

Luke’s personal life is a mystery because neither Alison nor Luke has revealed any information about him. They were able to keep their personal lives under wraps because of Alison, despite her fame.

Children Of Alison Victoria

She and Luke were unable to save their marriage and ended up divorcing. The birth of Alison and Luke’s rumored lone daughter was seen by fans as the only positive outcome of their marriage. Alison and Luke both remained silent about the subject.

But a supporter of Alison’s remarked on an Instagram photo of her with a young kid holding her hand. Alison was asked if that small child was her daughter, and she emphatically said no.

The child in the picture was the TV star’s niece, which she clarified to set the record straight. The Windy City Rehab actress made it clear that neither she nor her current partner has any children.

Alison Victoria’s Net Worth

Beginning in the late ’90s, when Christopher Holmes was stationed in Los Angeles, Victoria began her career in interior design. Alison Victoria Interiors, with locations in Chicago and Las Vegas, was founded by her in 2001. Then she became well-known after starring in the shows Kitchen Crashers and Windy City Rehab.

The career of the reality TV star has helped her amass an estimated $4 million in wealth. As she is currently embroiled in a $2.15 million legal dispute, this may change. She lost her Chicago house in the litigation and had to sell it for $2.295 million to cover the costs of the defense.

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