Is Andy Cohen Gay? How About Andy Cohen and John Hill?

On screen, Andy Cohen seems like a dashing hottie. He’s getting on in years, but he still manages to look amazing. Both heterosexual women and homosexual guys can’t get enough of him. How do you feel about Andy Cohen’s sexuality, though?

His true sexuality is unknown to fans who are unaware of the specifics of his personal life. Sorry to break it to you, but your favorite Andy Cohen is not a heterosexual guy like you probably pictured him to be. Read on to learn more about his coming out and homosexual lifestyle now.

Is Andy Cohen Gay?

The well-known host of the show “Watch What Happens Live.” As far as anyone knows, he was the first openly gay host. Cohen’s loved ones already knew this about him long before he became famous thanks to the show.

He came out to his family and close friends as a gay man when he was only 22 years old. Andy told CNN he was terrified about coming out. He filled everyone in on the whole ordeal, including their loved one’s reactions.

Cohen said to CNN, “There’s probably no gay person that you could ever talk to who wasn’t familiar with people using gay slurs. It happened to me all the time, which is why I was closeted until I was 22. I didn’t think my friends would accept me because I heard them speaking in a certain way.”

After telling a few people in London about his sexuality, he received universal rejection before he even notified his family and friends. Because of this, he believes he will never be liked. Andy, however, had no idea that his parents, upon learning the truth, would become so kind and welcoming.

He also shared his parents’ reactions with CNN and said, “They were so wonderful. My mom immediately got involved with this AIDS hospice in St. Louis. They were kind of the dream parents to come out to. But so many people aren’t so lucky, and still today there are families who turn their kids away, and kids who don’t feel safe who are near suicidal about not being accepted.”

Andy Cohen, like everyone else, developed an interest in parenthood at some point. However, being gay meant he had to find another solution if he ever wanted a child of his own.

Andy Cohen Turns to Surrogacy to Fulfill His Dream of Parenthood and Welcomes a Son and a Daughter

Andy Cohen unexpectedly shared his desire to start a family with the press. However, due to his attraction to females, he turned to cutting-edge technology for assistance.

He was able to have a son and a daughter via surrogacy. On February 4, 2019, the world welcomed his firstborn kid. On April 29, 2022, his firstborn daughter took her first breath.

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How About Andy Cohen and John Hill?

How About Andy Cohen and John Hill

Many people have speculated that Andy Cohen and John Hill may have dated throughout the years. Neither one of them has said anything publicly about their relationship, but there have been sightings of the two of them together.

They appear to be friendly, as seen by the photos they’ve posted of themselves together online. Despite the speculation, it is not known if these two have ever truly dated. Followers will have to wait and see if there is any future development between the two.

Anderson Cooper, a journalist for CNN, has worked with BRAVO host Andy Cohen for quite some time. Their relationship has been scrutinized by the press despite the fact that they have never hidden their friendship from the public. They went on a blind date in the ’90s after a mutual friend set them up. Since Andy Cohen is single, his most recent romance with John Hill ended quickly.

However, in 2018, he ended his relationship with Brazilian doctor Clifton Dassuncao. Cooper’s rivalry with Benjamin Maisani, a landowner and merchant, was well documented.

Who is Andy Cohen Dating Right Now?

Except for his romantic history, Andy Cohen doesn’t keep much of his private life under wraps. When questioned about a romantic relationship, he is careful to remain silent.

Although he has been linked to Sean Avery and Lance Bass romantically in the past, Andy Cohen is currently single. But these are just unfounded rumors. Neither celebrity has commented on the rumors of an affair. Both John Mayer and Anderson Cooper count Andy as a close friend.

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