Is Dylan Dryer Pregnant Again: What Did Dylan Dreyer Say About Being Pregnant?

let mee show you Is Dylan Dryer Pregnant Again, Dylan Dreyer’s Location This Week: American TV personality and meteorologist Dylan Dreyer. Continue reading to learn more about her and discover Where Dylan Dreyer is this Week. People are curious about her whereabouts.

who is Dylan Dreyer?

Dylan Dreyer is an American meteorologist who works for NBC News. She is Today’s Third Hour’s host as well. Dreyer is the weather reporter today and during the workweek in place of Al Roker and Carson Daly. She also appears on NBC Nightly News and The Weather Channel. Dreyer joined NBC News in September 2012 after spending the previous seven years working at the now-defunct NBC station WHDH in Boston, Massachusetts.

Is Dylan Dreyer Pregnant Again?

A fresh pregnancy has not been announced by Dylan Dreyer. Dylan Dreyer is married to Brian Fichera, an NBC News producer and cameraman. In 2012, the couple was married, and they now have three children. She first announced her pregnancy in June 2016, and the baby was born in December. The child’s name was Calvin.

Her second child, a boy named Oliver, was born in January 2020. Russell, her third child, was born in September 2021 and was once more a son.

When Did Dylan Dreyer Have Her Baby?

Dylan Dreyer returned from maternity leave to The Today Show on January 24, 2022. The Today Show quotes Dreyer as stating, “I was just thinking it feels like I haven’t left,” in response to her absence. Four months passed by seemingly overnight, it was over, the kids were taken care of at home, and I returned.

Dreyer gave birth to her third child with her husband Brian Fichera on September 29, 2021. Their son’s name is Russell James Fichera. He weighed 5 pounds, 5 ounces at birth. The brothers of Russell and Calvin are Calvin and Oliver.

Is Dylan Dryer Pregnant Again

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On Tuesday, September 28, Dreyer said on Instagram that she would be missing The Today Show “for a bit” because her water had broken six weeks early. “Our baby is eager to get out and meet us,” she continued. Doctors are keeping a tight check on us both and trying to keep him inside for a little while longer so that he can grow stronger, she said.

While assuring viewers that everything was well and that she was “in excellent hands,” the Today Show meteorologist appealed for “any further prayers.”

What Did She Say About Being Pregnant?

Dreyer reported experiencing fertility issues before to conceiving her second child. When she and her husband attempted for their second child in 2019, she revealed that she had a miscarriage. Dreyer stated the following in reference to his interview on The Today Show: “A miscarriage is actually your body doing something beneficial, as my doctor informed me, not anything bad.

“because the embryo is having a trouble. Your body is behaving normally. It is carrying out the required activities. “It’s difficult right now because you’re in such shock.

 Dreyer’s Pregnancy A Surprise?

In an interview with The Today Show, Dreyer acknowledged that she and her husband have been trying for a third child for the past six months. She added, “We tried, but it just wasn’t working, so we gave up.” Dreyer stated that when she went to the doctor to find out what was wrong, he gave her the all-clear, so “we were prepared for the following stage.”

He also told her to “calm down” and quit stressing about getting pregnant. Soon after she listened to his advice, she became pregnant. Dreyer remarked that “we hoped maybe one day we’d have kids” when we first got married. “However, we became fixated on them after that. You realise they’re the greatest things ever, she continued.

Did Dylan Dreyer Leave The Today Show?

In order to spend more time with her family, Dylan Dreyer, who has worked on NBC’s Weekend Today for almost ten years, announced that she will be leaving the show. She would only show up in the Saturday-airing episode. She will continue to host the 3rd Hour during the workweek.

She made a remote appearance, watched a slideshow of her favourite memories, and then said goodbye to the weekend viewers. She said she wanted to visit her family more often.

where is Dylan Dreyer?

The hosts of the third Hour will still be Craig Melvin, Al Roker, Sheinelle Jones, and Dylan Dreyer on weekdays. She is the host of the NBC show “Earth Odyssey with Dylan Dreyer” and the Sirius XM podcast “Off The Rails.” When asked what she would do on her new day off, she responded that she would “wake up at her own pace.”

She continued, “Even now, as soon as I finish here, I’m probably going to make pancakes for the boys. It’s all about family time. My life revolves around these sons.

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