Is Elizabeth and Brice Still Together and Who Was She Dating Before?

TLC excels in giving viewers a glimpse into the experiences of people from many walks of life. The Johnston family of seven is featured in the reality show 7 Little Johnstons. Trent and Amber have a large brood of children.

They have two biological children, Jonah and Elizabeth, and three adoptive children, Anna Marie, Alex Joseph, and Emma Lee. Following Elizabeth and Brice Bolden’s relationship on the show has been exciting. How’s their relationship doing now? This is an update.

Are Elizabeth and Brice Still Together?

As of this writing, it appears that Elizabeth has deleted all traces of Brice from her Instagram feed. Many fans have speculated that the couple broke up, though she may have done it for the couple’s privacy.

“I hope they aren’t really broke up, that you’re all just assuming it’s so, seeing as she’s said, nor posted anything claiming they are separated,” one person commented in response to the rumors.

If Brice and Elizabeth have broken up, their relationship has taken a dramatic turn. Indeed, 7 Little Johnstons was the address of their proposed new home together. Brice postponed moving in at the end of Season 12 until he was better able to do so financially.


“At this point, Liz hasn’t explicitly stated that she and Brice have split up,” one Instagram user commented on the December post. “Brice also hasn’t deleted his Instagram posts about Liz and they still appear to be following each other. So, it’s not official.”


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It will be April 2023 when Brice and Elizabeth will have been together for four years. It looks like fans will have to wait to find out the truth until they either confirm or deny the separation.

Who is Brice Bolden?

Brice Bolden has recently been in the spotlight due to his relationship with Elizabeth Johnston of the reality TV show “7 Little Johnstons.” They started going out in the early part of 2021, and eventually, they moved in together.

Because their relationship has been depicted on the show to have ups and downs, some viewers have speculated that they may have broken up at some point.

However, it appears that they are still sharing housing as of August 2022. Not much is known about Bolden other than the fact that he knew Johnston.

It is unclear what he does for a job, and he doesn’t appear to have much of an online presence beyond “7 Little Johnstons.” Perhaps Bolden is a private guy who prefers to avoid the spotlight, or perhaps he has simply never been mentioned in the media.

Who is Elizabeth Johnston?

As a member of the famous “7 Little Johnstons” family, Elizabeth Renee Johnston has become a household name. Trent and Amber, their children Jonah, Anna, Alex, and Emma, and Elizabeth are the main characters in the show.

Elizabeth was born with the dwarfism disorder achondroplasia. She is the third child of her parents and has spoken frankly about the difficulties she has faced as a result of her disability, including the need to undergo many operations.

Elizabeth has appeared in “7 Little Johnstons,” but she has also written and published poetry. She has raised public awareness for causes like National Dwarfism Awareness Month by speaking out about the value of diversity and inclusion.

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Who Was Elizabeth Johnston Dating Before Brice Bolden?

Who Was Elizabeth Johnston Dating Before Brice Bolden

It wasn’t always Brice who dominated Elizabeth’s attention. She was dating someone else when the first season of 7 Little Johnstons aired. James Burdette was his name, and he was a regular on the show. For a while, he was merely a close friend and not her boyfriend. Elizabeth was forbidden to pursue love interests before the age of 16.

James and Elizabeth were friends for two years before he could legally call her his girlfriend. When they began dating, it was a thrilling experience for the audience.

They finally parted ways in 2018. Despite this, Elizabeth did not remain a spinster for very long. Her romance with Brice became public knowledge at the start of 2019.

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