Is Heather Altman Pregnant: How Did Josh And Heather Altman Get To Know Each Other?

In 2023, Heather Altman, who was born in 1985, will turn 37 years old. Her birthday is always on January 25th. According to astrology, Heather’s birthday places under the Aquarius sign.

Heather Altman, whose birth name was actually Heather Bilyeu, was conceived in Sin City. Heather was raised in a Jewish household, though details regarding her siblings are still sketchy.

It appeared like Heather will always stand by her mom. She wrote on Instagram that becoming a mom made her love her own mother even more. Sadly, Heather’s dad passed away on April 22, 2012. Every year, Heather will make beef stroganoff, one of his all-time favorite meals, and toast him with a shot (or three) of Crown Royal.

She would even go so far as to unearth his old, dusty snakeskin cowboy boots, sweaty, scratched golf visor, and the poetry he wrote to her mother decades ago. Here we have the answer, is Heather Altman pregnant?

Is Heather Altman Pregnant?

In December of 2022, Season 14 of Million Dollar Listing premiered, and Heather and Josh were back at it. Heather started the season off by settling into her new post as CEO of the Altman Brothers. They will also get to see more of Josh and Heather’s kids, but there won’t be any more pregnancies.

Heather is not currently expecting a third child with her husband Josh. Moreover, we have no idea where the talk of a third child came from. Heather and Josh’s son Ace was born in 2019, and the real estate agent frequently shared photos from both pregnancies on social media. So, if Heather were to become pregnant again, she would probably tell her fans.

There are currently no indicators of a new pregnancy on the Bravo star’s social media pages. Heather’s Instagram has remained unchanged over the past few months; it’s still full of pictures of Heather, Josh, Lexi, and Ace. When the year 2023 began, she shared numerous photos and videos on social media documenting the festivities.

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That there won’t soon be another addition to the family is because the pair is too busy celebrating Ace and Lexie’s achievements to start a family. Heather and Josh announced that their kids were starting kindergarten in August of 2022. Josh noted how mature the children were becoming as they planned their special day.

With the caption, “Lexi and Ace’s first day of school this last week,” Josh shared images of his children on their first day of formal education. It was a blast to hang out with @theheatheraltman. The emotions I felt on my first day back at school have never left me. Amazing how quickly time passes. Continue reading to know how Heathr and her husband meet.

How Did Josh And Heather Altman Get To Know Each Other?

How Did Josh And Heather Altman Get To Know Each Other

Although Heather and Josh have decided not to have any more children, they claim their marriage is stronger than ever. “Mom and Dad” from MDLLA opened up to The Daily Dish about their dynamic before Season 14 of the Bravo program premiered.

Heather claims that the fact that they were filmed during their first date had an immediate impact on the couple. During their time together, she found it “difficult to shut off” the job they were doing. Now that they’re married, Josh and Heather are finally able to communicate effectively.

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With each other, “we have an easier time managing our relationship and just allowing [one other] to do what they do,” “Defining it, Heather did. “It’s because of this that we’ve been so successful as a married pair… We settled into a comfortable routine.”

And if the pair ever does go through a hard patch, they promise to keep their fights out of the house and their lives (depending on the argument).

“[If it’s] a house quarrel, then [we] try to leave it at home,” Heather said. We try not to bring work fights home to the dinner table with the kids, and we do our best to put them behind us as soon as we get to the office.” Says Heather. “Josh recognizes authority, which has greatly simplified our working relationship.” To know about Heather Altman’s husband keep reading.

Is Heather Altman’s Husband A Real Estate Agent?

Mr. Josh Altman, 42, is an American investor in the Los Angeles area’s real estate market. His birthday is March 10th, and he was born in 1979. Josh is a local of Newton, MA.

The reality personality attended the highly regarded Syracuse University, where she excelled academically. As well as his success on the hit Bravo show Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, he is also an accomplished author and successful entrepreneur.

He and his sibling, Matt, started the Altman Brothers Real Estate Company. Josh’s real estate company was recognized as one of the best in the country by The Wall Street Journal.

Together, the Altman Brothers have managed the sale of nearly $200,000,000 worth of a real estate. As a result, Josh Altman now has a net worth of $35 million. In addition to being a successful real estate agent, he is also a talented public speaker.

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