Is Jojo Siwa Really Having A Baby? Why Is Jojo Siwa Buying Baby Clothes?

Dancing Moms actress and internet celebrity JoJo Siwa has been the subject of pregnancy rumors as of late. As these speculations spread, we look into them and JoJo Siwa’s star power in the entertainment business.

Addressing The Pregnancy Rumors

With rumors of JoJo Siwa’s pregnancy circulating online, the diva turned to TikTok to set the record straight. She denied the claims, saying she is not pregnant. The photo of a pregnancy test that JoJo posted on Instagram as a joke sparked the speculation. Fast assumptions were made by fans, and the rumor spread like wildfire.

After sharing a selfie on Snapchat, JoJo Siwa quickly became a social media sensation. She gave the camera a smile and a wave in front of the diaper section at Target. She wrote in the photo, which showed off her pregnant tummy,

“Can’t wait.”

She completed the post with a blue heart emoji and a baby emoji.

In another social media photo, the 19-year-old stood next to a variety of baby clothing while flashing admirers her tummy once again. In the caption, she penned:


Addressing The Pregnancy Rumors

Is Jojo Siwa Really Having A Baby? Why Is Jojo Siwa Buying Baby Clothes?

Jojo Siwa is not having a baby now. Numerous fans of JoJo Siwa online have verified that she is, in fact, amassing baby supplies to give to low-income moms. Xoxoxomoe, a Twitter user, revealed:

“Say what you want about JoJo Siwa but her buying brand new baby clothes to send to expecting mothers and newborn babies families is so pure.”

“Click baiting that you’re pregnant to giveaway baby clothes. I feel as though you manipulating people for clicks and revenue will not be evened out by the 30 people you help. How about some honesty, tell people you’re trying to help. Jojo Siwa you are a strange human.”

Here you can see the official tweet posted by wiliam:

What Kind Of Responses Did The Post Get On Social Media?

The widespread panic on the internet suggests that many of JoJo Siwa’s followers didn’t get the joke in her Instagram post. They quickly checked Twitter to learn her pregnancy status.

People started commenting things like, “went from beefing with da baby to having da baby.”


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