Is Megan Is Missing Based on a True Story and What Happened to Megan and Amy?

Rachel Quinn plays Megan Stewart, a popular 14-year-old honors student who begins an online relationship with Josh (Dean Waite) in the found-footage horror film “Megan is Missing.” But after arranging to meet with him one day, she disappears.

Amy Herman’s (Amber Perkins) best friend naturally seeks to figure out what happened. Do you question the authenticity of the movie’s events? We’ve got your back, so to speak.

Is There Any Truth to the Events in Megan Goes Missing?

‘Megan is Missing’ is not based on any actual events. This also indicates that the movie footage you see is fake. The film was shot in a found footage format, and many of the actors were either new to acting or in their first roles, so the audience is led to believe that this is the case.

It’s as if the film’s entire purpose was to make you believe that something like this could actually happen to you. This makes sense, given that the plot stresses how simple it is for online predators to kidnap individuals, especially children.

This method of filmmaking succeeds in making its message and keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. The fact that ‘Megan is Missing’ is inspired by actual events is made clear right away. There’s no disputing that filmmaker Michael Goi was inspired by genuine child abductions for the story, but the tales of Megan and Amy are not based on any one instance.

Each year, around 460,000 children in the United States are reported missing to the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children. PureSight, an advocacy group for teen and kid online safety, revealed that 95% of those in that age range have a web presence. In addition, 16% of kids said they were thinking about setting up a meeting with someone they’d met online, and 8% said they actually did it.

To say these numbers are shocking would be an understatement. Moreover, given the pervasiveness of technology in every aspect of our lives, from the classroom to the workplace, predators are sure to exploit it for their own heinous ends. Despite the film’s important underlying issue, many have criticized it for s*xualizing teenage girls too much.

Portal do Medo posted a tweet on Mean Is Missing:

In fact, the picture was banned in New Zealand back in October 2011. The Office of Film and Literature Classification reported on its website that, “although an attempt has been made to present the material in the context of a cautionary tale, and there is additional interview footage that puts forward the notion that the feature could raise awareness of the vulnerability of teenage girls to s*xual predators, the feature’s material is strongly prurient and exploitative.”

The article went on to say that the video “revels in the spectacle of one girl’s ordeal, including a 3-minute real-time rape scene.” The film also highly exploits and s*xualizes the life of these young teenage girls. Many people in the audience found this to be an idea they could get behind. While no one can dispute that the movie had good intentions, many viewers wondered what was accomplished by all the blood and guts.

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“Goi’s motive was unquestionably positive — he’s a good guy who really wanted to save kids’ lives,” said film scholar Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, “but that didn’t stop Megan Is Missing from being dismissed as torture porn: ultimately, it still looks and feels like an exploitation film.”

What Happened to Megan and Amy?

What Happened to Megan and Amy

The chances of anyone discovering Megan and Amy’s bodies are slim. First, it seems that Josh buried them somewhere deep in the woods. Not only that, but Amy keeps yelling for freedom and pleading with him to let her go while he digs the hole. None would ever love and care for him the way she does, she adds.

Amy begs Josh not to drop the barrel on the ground, but he ignores her and covers it up nonetheless. Finally, there is dead silence, signifying Amy’s passing. There is also nobody around who could have assisted her. After this, an old movie of the two best friends planning their future is shown. The sweetness of their exchange is jarringly at odds with their dire circumstances.

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