Is Messi Married: Is He In Love With Antonela Roccuzzo

There is no question that the beautiful Antonela Roccuzzo, who love to the world-famous Argentine soccer player Lionel Messi  let see Is Messi Married and Messi share an endearingly close connection. But how precisely did they meet each other, and how are things currently standing between them? Here you can get additional information about the specifics of their wedding.

Who is Lionel Messi?

It has been said that Lionel Messi is one of the greatest football players who has ever played the game, if not the greatest player who has ever played the game. Messi is a footballer who has become a global symbol. Although he was born in Argentina in 1987, he moved to Spain when he was 13 years old in order to enrol in the renowned La Masia (de Can Planes) youth programme in Barcelona. Over the course of his career, which has now spanned 19 years, Messi has participated in over 800 club games and has scored 700 goals. Fans of Argentinean football, fans of Barcelona FC, and fans of many other teams and clubs throughout the world see him as a hero.

When did Lionel Messi marry Antonela Roccuzzo?

In 2017, Lionel Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo tied the knot in Rosario, Argentina, which is both of their hometowns. Their wedding was labelled Argentina’s wedding of the century by the national media, and it featured a host of big names guests including Messi’s former teammate Gerard Pique and his former wife Shakira. Additionally, their wedding was dubbed Argentina’s wedding of the century by the national media.

Is Messi Married

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The marriage between Messi and Roccuzzo has been a joyful one, and they have been blessed with three children: Thiago, who was born in November 2012, Mateo, who was born in September 2015, and Ciro, who was born in March 2018.

who is Antonela Roccuzzo

Antonella Roccuzzo’s birthday is February 26th, and she was born in the province of Santa Fe in Argentina in the year 1988. Their family lived approximately five minutes’ walking distance away from Jorge and Celia Messi. Antonella’s brother has been playing with Lionel since the latter was 5 years old. It was he who made the introduction between Lionel and little Antonella. At the age of 13, Messi followed his father to Spain to begin his professional career with FC Barcelona. Antonella received her diploma and went on to study nutrition at the National University of Rosario after completing her secondary education.

What does Antonela Roccuzzo do for a living

Antonela Rocucuzzo had her undergraduate education in the social sciences and the humanities, and then continued her education with postgraduate work in dentistry. Roccuzzo left Argentina to follow Lionel Messi to Barcelona during his stay there, and she is now active in the modelling industry. Roccuzzo’s Instagram account has a combined total of 22.8 million followers.

Do Lionel Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo have children

Three Sons Have Been Born to Lionel and Antonela. In November of 2012, the couple welcomed their first child together, a son named Thiago. Si claims that after Thiago was born, Lionel got a tattoo on his calf that had both the name of his son and handprints. In 2015, their second child, a son they named Mateo, was born. “Mateo is a one of a kind individual.

Lionel gushed about his brother to ESPN in 2019, saying, “He’s always doing new things, things that capture your attention.” Ciro, their most recent kid, was born in the year 2018. The doting parents are always posting pictures of their children and themselves on social media, so demonstrating their undying love to the rest of the world.

“You evolve and you pick up new skills. You gain experience not only on the field, but also in other facets of life as well. But as a human being, having three children changed my view on life, my way of thinking, and it also helped me grow,” Lionel said when speaking to FC Barcelona on how being a father has impacted him and how it has helped him grow.

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