Is Noah Thompson Married To: Angel Dixon, Noah Kelley, and the 2022 American Idol Winner’s Girlfriend

  • When the 20th season of American Idol premiered on May 22, 2017, Noah Thompson has crowned the winner. Read on to find out: “Who Is Noah Thompson Married To?”Traditional “country boys” prevailed even when challenged against “country girls” like HunterGirl and “pop princesses” like Leah Marlene. Nonetheless, now that he has won the popular ABC show, there is a lot of interest in Noah’s personal life.

    On American Idol, Noah talks about how much his son inspires him. However, for a parent, Noah’s age of 20 is shockingly young. Is he married, and if not, who are his children’s parents? I’m curious as to how things are going in his personal life. Now destined for greatness, Noah used to be an ordinary Joe.

    Who is Noah Thompson?

    So that he could audition for American Idol, Noah moved away from his hometown of Louisa, Kentucky. While he was successful in the building industry, his heart was always with the music industry. He had always wished he could sing, but had the confidence to audition for American Idol until his best friend Arthur prodded him to do so.

    Who Is Noah Thompson Married To

    Noah said this of his Texas audition, “We [were] literally laying up sheetrock at work, and he told me he was going to sign me up for it.” I respond, “No, you’re not.” Nonetheless, he went through with it. Never in a million years would I volunteer for something so useless.

    I’ve never felt so confident in myself. When someone else has more faith in you than you do in yourself, it feels amazing.

    When auditioning, Noah sang “Giving You Up” by Kameron Marlowe. Lionel Richie claimed Noah had a “bada** storytelling voice,” and Luke Bryan commended the boy’s “accent and tone.” Katy Perry, during this time, called Noah the “American Dream.” They were suitably impressed by Noah’s subsequent performances to offer him a free trip to Hollywood.

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    How about Noah Thompson, is he taken?

    The fact that Noah is from Kentucky is the most important thing to remember about him from American Idol. Walker and Karen are his new kid and grandma, respectively, and they are frequently discussed on the show.

    A few episodes ago, Noah mentioned, “Recently, my little boy reached 7 months of age,” on the show. The fact that I am a new father makes me want to do better for my baby. It’s crazy that I’m here, yet it might be the best thing for my son.

    Even though they are not married, Noah and his baby mom have been dating for at least a year now, and Walker is almost a year old. Noah is currently seeing his high school sweetheart, Angel Dixon. This couple got married and started a family after meeting at prom in 2019.

    Throughout American Idol, Angel has been rooting for Noah, and now that he has won, their life together will change drastically.

    At midnight the night before the finals, Angel said on Instagram, “Behind the scenes of all this, the candidates work tremendously hard every day, making for long days and restless nights.” I’ll be honest: I’m counting down the minutes till my husband gets home.

    We’ll both miss one other very much, but I know that God has a purpose for our separation.

    Who is Angel Dixon, if anyone?

    Angel Dixon, a twenty-one-year-old Kentucky native who rose to fame as the mother of Noah Thompson’s child and Thompson’s long-term partner, became a viral sensation online. Noah Thompson, an American singer and composer, has been crowned the winner of American Idol for a twentieth time.

    How Often Does Noah Thompson Get Married? From Good Housekeeping

    Throughout the programme, Noah talked a lot about his family, including his grandmother, his son Walker, and Walker’s mom, Angel. It’s safe to assume that his fame at the time was helped along by the show’s frequent appearances of Angel and Walker.

    She was instrumental in Noah’s success by helping to garner online support for him through her Instagram account. The news of his baby mama sparked the interest of his legions of dedicated fans.

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