Is Patty Mayo Real Sheriff, or Just a Bounty Hunter in Secret?

Patriot Thomas Tarmey, better known as YouTube personality and businesswoman Patty Mayo, was born in Boston but now makes her home in Los Angeles. Patty Mayo is a YouTuber famous for his scripted series in which he plays the role of a bounty hunter and an Oregon sheriff in pursuit of and capturing criminals. This social media star uses the channel to post string vlogs, pranks, and challenges.

He also has a second channel called Extra Mayo where he posts videos of his personal life, primarily featuring himself and his ex-girlfriend Kayla Pillar, and occasionally including other members of his family. In the next paragraphs, you will find information on his professional and private life.

Patty Mayo YouTube

On the video-sharing platform YouTube, Patty Mayo made her debut in November 2013. Since he began making videos for his Channel, Patty Mayo, the YouTuber’s popularity has skyrocketed.

In total, 8.23 million people are subscribed to his main channel, Patty Mayo, which now contains 141 videos. He has 236 thousand followers on his other channel, Extra Mayo, where he has posted 60 films about his family, including his mother, sister, and girlfriend.

YouTubers mostly produce scripted videos in which he plays the role of a fugitive bounty hunter and a sheriff, as indicated above. His use of Southland Bounty Hunters outfits, body armor, and weapons including rifles, handguns, and tasers lends credibility to his writing.

In addition to his most recent badge, which reads “Sheriff’s Deputy,” he also carries one that reads “Bail Enforcement Agent.”

Over 664 million people have viewed the star’s videos, earning them millions of dollars per month. His videos “Black belt puts me in an armbar while in cuffs” (28 million views) and “He helped me repo his girlfriend’s car” (32 million views) are extremely popular on YouTube. estimates the YouTube personality’s annual AdSense income to be between $53.6k and $856.9k based on the number of views and the rate of subscriber growth.

Following the success of his YouTube channel, he has started selling t-shirts and sweatshirts on his website, The $10-$100 pricing range for his march consistently results in sold-out crowds.

Is Patty Mayo Real

Is Patty Mayo Real Sheriff?

The consistent clothing, perfectly natural dialogue and believable stunts in Patty Mayo’s videos all contribute to the illusion, but the truth is they are all staged. The YouTuber is an actor performing a scripted character, in this case, that of a sheriff.

It has been made clear by the Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association that they have no connection to the Patty Mayo March. The Oregon Sheriff’s Department has stated that they are keeping an eye on the footage to make sure that no one is in danger.

He clarified that his only relationship with the Sheriff’s Office is that he notifies them whenever he is recording.

Is Patty Mayo a Real Bounty Hunter?

That is not the case. You wouldn’t be branded gullible for thinking Patty Mayo is a real bounty hunter thanks to the YouTuber’s nearly flawless acting skills.

The array of weaponry he carries is damning evidence. Guns, rifles, and tasers fall into this category. The bounty hunter can even talk to his colleagues through the radio. The uniform he’s wearing looks authentic, too.

This individual is armed with a “Bail Enforcement Agent” badge, indicating that he is a professional bounty hunter. Patty is a pro at putting on an authentic bounty hunter act. The creator of the bounty hunter series on YouTube has stated that it is manufactured and scripted.

A person seeking to work as a bounty hunter must first become licensed by the state in which he intends to do so. Patty does not hold a valid registration or license to practice as a bounty hunter in the state of California or any other U.S. jurisdiction. Since he admitted that the entire point of his bounty hunter series was to entertain viewers, it follows that the show is nothing more than a carefully crafted charade.

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