Itachi’s Sickness: How Does Itachi’s Sickness Limited Him?

One of the best-written characters in Naruto is Itachi Uchiha, created by Masashi Kishimoto. Even though he was introduced early on as a villain who had killed out his entire family, Itachi ended up playing a significant role in the plot. Not only did he serve as a challenge for Sasuke to overcome, but he also gave the plot a formidable antagonist.

As expected of any Akatsuki member, Itachi possessed incredible strength and skill, surpassing even the likes of the Legendary Sannin. He was among the strongest characters in early Naruto, if not the strongest. As the plot progressed, many characters exceeded Itachi, but it was only because he was unable to reach his full potential due to an illness. Itachi would have been on a completely different level if he hadn’t been sick.

Itachi’s Potential As A Ninja

Itachi was recognised as the Uchiha family’s intellect at an early age. By the time he was old enough to train as a real ninja, he had already outshined several of the adults in his clan. Even though his father was a shinobi powerful enough to be Hokage, he regarded Itachi in the highest regard since he knew his son could exceed everyone.

Itachi’s ninja skills increased in potency after he reawakened his Sharingan. His extraordinary martial prowess, honed under Shisui’s tutelage, fascinated both Orochimaru and himself. Itachi quickly advanced through the ranks and was recognised as one of Konoha’s greatest talents once he attained Sharingan awakening at the tender age of eight. He joined the ANBU not long after and was quickly promoted to Captain despite being just 11 years old.

As the Sharingan had now reached its full maturity, it was clear that Itachi had already mastered it. His eye for detail was so refined that he was able to hold his own against Shisui, another Uchiha clan genius. It was only after Shisui was killed, however, that Itachi blossomed into the monstrous shinobi he is known for today. Following the activation of his Mangekyo Sharingan, Itachi’s strength increased dramatically. With Amaterasu’s and even Tsukuyomi’s jutsu at his disposal, he was an unstoppable force in battle. Also, his Susanoo had the reputation of being unbeatable.

While in the Akatsuki, he was without a doubt one of the most powerful members. He was so unstoppable that not even the legendary Sannin Orochimaru could defeat him. He did all this before reaching his full potential as a ninja when he was still a youngster. Therefore, Itachi’s potential was boundless, and he would have been a serious threat if he had gone on to obtain even more abilities, such as the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

Itachi's Sickness
How Itachi’s Sickness Limited Him

While the exact period of Itachi’s illness is uncertain, he was fighting for his life for the duration of his stay with Naruto. Before he died away, Itachi wanted to do something good for Sasuke, and he realised that time was running out. Itachi had already lost his fighting edge when he faced up against Kakashi and was easily defeated in combat because of his poor health. Regardless, he was able to easily dispatch a skilled Jonin who was headed for the Kage ranks.

Itachi’s physical state worsened during the next two years, and his use of the Mangekyo Sharingan eventually caused him to go blind. Most notably, this was on display during his fight with Sasuke, in which he faced his blinder brother in a physical confrontation and still came out on top. Itachi’s condition made it so he could not see clearly and also limited his stamina, thus he could not engage in battle for very long. His physical endurance, power, and velocity were all diminished.

When Itachi began bleeding from the mouth, it became obvious that he was severely weakened. Even Zetsu, who was seeing the fight between the two brothers from a distance, saw that he suffered damage he ordinarily would have easily avoided and that his chakra levels decreased dramatically. Itachi’s performance in the battle would have been far higher if he had been in better health. Itachi was still relatively young when he passed away, so he would have had plenty of time to develop his shinobi skills.

Some shinobi, like Hashirama and Naruto, didn’t blossom until far into adulthood. Some people, like Jiraiya, are considered to have been at their best later in life. Itachi was a remarkable shinobi, and he had a great deal of promise. Itachi would have achieved dizzying heights, perhaps even matching those of Sasuke and Madara. Unfortunately, his illness prevented him from reaching his full potential. However, Itachi was still one of the most powerful characters in the show, and his role in the plot is crucial to this day.

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