Ivana Trump Cause of Death: She Was Ex Wife of Former President Trump

Ivana Trump was a model and socialite before she married Donald Trump, the future president of the United States. She started an online business called Ivana Haute Couture to sell perfumes, wines, and accessories bearing her name.

Her accomplishments were predictable, given her inherent drive and perseverance. She always had a strong drive to excel, and by the time she was a teenager, she was already a competitive skier.

Ivana Trump Cause of Death

New York City’s top medical examiner stated Friday that Ivana Trump, the first wife of Donald Trump and the mother of his three eldest children, died of blunt force injuries to her torso following an accidental fall.

The former president revealed that Ivana Trump, his wife of 73 years, had passed away the day before at her Manhattan residence, although he did not specify how or why she had passed away. A representative for the New York City office of the chief medical examiner verified on Friday that Ivana Trump had fallen down the steps of her residence and been found there.

When it comes to adults aged 65 and up, falls are the biggest cause of injury-related mortality in the United States, according to health officials. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 64 out of every 100,000 seniors lose their lives due to accidental falls.

In 1949, Ivana Trump was born in the town of Zlin, in what is now the Czech Republic. Before she married real estate mogul Donald Trump in 1977, she had careers as a skier, ski instructor, and model.

In the 1980s, she helped Trump become a Manhattan fixture and a global celebrity by working with him in the hotel and casino industry. His children Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric were born to her as well.

Infidelity on Donald Trump’s part led to the couple’s 1992 divorce. After divorcing Marla Maples, with whom he had a daughter named Tiffany, he wed and is now married to Melania Knauss Trump, who is also the mother of his son Barron and will serve as the first lady of the United States from 2017 to 2021.

Although she had previously expressed her support for Donald Trump’s presidential bid, Ivana Trump later expressed a desire for “this whole thing to be over with” after her ex-husband lost the election to Joe Biden and desperately tried to overturn the result, including telling his supporters to “fight like hell” just before hundreds of them mounted a deadly attack on the Capitol.

She claimed that her kids “enjoyed being around Donald and running the election and seeing what will happen,” but that she hoped they would eventually “be able to live their normal lives.”

On Thursday afternoon, Ivana Trump was discovered unconscious in her Upper East Side Manhattan home by emergency personnel responding to a 911 call. Police stated in a statement that she was pronounced dead at the scene and that there “did not appear to be any criminality.”

Mark R. Levin gives tribute to Ivana by posted a tweet:

On Friday, a New York civil investigator was scheduled to interview Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Ivanka Trump about their financial activities.

However, after Ivana Trump’s passing, the New York State Attorney General’s Office decided to delay the depositions. There was a delay in rescheduling the depositions.

A representative for the state attorney general issued a statement saying, “We offer our condolences to the Trump family.”

Ivana Trump’s Rocky Romantic History: Four Marriages and Countless Controversies

Ivana Trump's Rocky Romantic History Four Marriages and Countless Controversies

In 1971, Ivana Trump married Austrian skier Alfred Winklmayr to gain citizenship in another country. Her successful modeling career led her to file for divorce from him in 1976.

In 1976, she met Donald Trump, the heir to the Trump fortune. The aspiring businessman and the stunning beauty quickly fell in love and were married in April 1977. In the years that followed, she became a successful socialite while simultaneously giving birth to three children.

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They appeared to have a happy marriage until 1990 when whispers emerged that Donald was having an affair with a former beauty queen. Ivana wanted more of the family fortune than was specified in the prenuptial agreement, so she filed for divorce. It was a contentious divorce that was finally settled in 1992.

She tied the knot with Riccardo Mazzucchelli in 1995, but by 1997, the union had already collapsed.

In 2008, she married Rossano Rubicondi, 23 years her junior, marking her fourth time at the altar. The couple maintained an on-again, off-again romance, even though they officially broke up a few months later.

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