Jacob Desu: Florida Official Delivers Verdict After Pregnant Black Woman Points a Gun at Her Kids!

After a video was released showing him pulling a gun on a pregnant Black woman while her three children watched from the car, a police officer in Florida gave up his job.

NBC News reports that Ebony Washington was pulled over by Deputy Jacob Desue of the Bradford County Sheriff’s Office for speeding (72 mph in a 55 mph zone).

During the incident seen on camera, Washington puts on her hazard lights, slows down, and pulls into a gas station as a white police officer follows closely behind. Desue is shown pointing a gun at Washington and is heard saying, “If you make any movement, that’ll be the last mistake you’re going to make,” which is captured by the body camera.

A police officer knocked on Washington’s door and she allegedly showed him her arms through the window before saying she couldn’t get out. The purported reply from Desue was, “Unlock it.” For the time being, I have no concerns. There’s a pistol to your head, man.

Washington exits the car in the footage, and Desue instantly straps his gun to her back. Washington continues by saying that she didn’t want to pull over in the middle of nowhere with her three kids because she is pregnant.

According to reports, Desue’s response was, “Your excuse means nothing to me right now.” “I don’t want to hear it.” It has been stated that the officer arrested Washington and cuffed her before taking her to the trunk of the police cruiser.

Jacob Desu
Jacob Desu

Again, the pregnant woman tries to explain her reasoning to the officer on camera, who snaps, “I don’t care about the why!” Quite talking already! Why doesn’t it matter to me?

Bradford County Sheriff Gordon Smith told First Coast News that Washington acted appropriately by taking precautions to protect herself and her children.

To paraphrase what Smith stated, “She does precisely what I would teach my daughter, my wife, my neighbour, anyone else who may feel uncomfortable: You slow your speed, you turn on your flashing lights, be noticed.”

“Sheriff’s Deputy Desue was supposed to clear it, make sure the kids were okay, and check in with them. Why did they seem so displeased with everything? We have no idea what might possibly have disturbed them.

I realised afterwards that it was probably because of how an officer with a pistol was treating their mother outside. My kids and grandkids would be quite distressed by all of this. Thus, many necessary actions fell by the wayside. And in the end, we concluded that was not something we needed to have speaking for us or guarding our neighbourhood.

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