Jake Anderson Net Worth: What Is ‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Net Worth?

Jake Anderson, the ship’s captain, has been fishing for a long time. Age-wise, he clocks in at 42. He holds US Coast Guard ratings as both a Mate (1600 tons) and Master (110,000 tons) captain. As a master mariner, Jake has the necessary skills to assume control of a commercial vessel. He will be responsible for its navigation, operation, and safety.

In addition, he oversees all legal and business operations. After seeing his work, Discovery Channel invited him to take part in a documentary. During the time period covered by the Deadliest Catch, he devotes his time and energy to what is commonly referred to be “the deadliest job”: crab catching. We’ll discuss Jake’s marriage and the financial situation today. Find out in this piece who his dad is, too.

What is the Net Worth of Jake Anderson in 2022?

American Jake Anderson, who works as a deck supervisor at Northwestern, is worth $1.8 million. Since the first season of the Discovery Channel documentary Deadliest Catch in 2007, Anderson has made an appearance in every season.

Anderson is first seen on screen in the pilot episode, “New Beginnings,” after being hired by Sig Hansen to work as a greenhorn. Tragedies struck him on a personal level when he was filming Deadliest Catch, including the news that his sister, Chelsea, had died suddenly while he was at sea on set.

When his father’s truck was found in a little Washington hamlet, he learned that Keith Anderson had disappeared and was assumed dead. Anderson was promoted to Deck Boss in 2012, the same year he earned his USCG Mat 1600-ton and Master 100-ton fishing licenses.

He and his wife Jenna spend the off-seasons in Seattle, where he is an avid skateboarder. Skateboarding shoe company DVS Shoes of the United States of America sponsors him, and they’ve released his signature model. Like many other fishermen, Anderson once struggled with addiction.

He’s on the record as saying that alcoholism contributed to his homelessness for two years. His autobiography, Relapse, was released in 2014 and became an instant best-seller.

Jake Anderson Net Worth

The Early Life of Jake Anderson

On September 16, 1980, the world welcomed its most famous mariner. He was born in Anacortes, Washington, DC, and grew up there with his family and younger sister. Jake’s father was a major impact on his decision to become a fisherman.

Jake started working as a fisherman at the age of 17, and he found he really enjoyed it. Eventually, Jake’s issues led him down the path of alcoholism. He struggled with alcoholism for close to two years before he finally sobered up.

After his father Keith disappeared, his sister died of disease. In 2012, Jake was given the position of deck leader. He became more well-known after the release of the documentary “Deadliest Catch,” which focused on the world of commercial fishing.

Jake Anderson: Career

Anderson joined the crew of the Northwestern in 2007 when he was invited aboard by rookie captain Sig Hansen. Anderson made his first appearance on American television in the “New Beginnings” episode of “Deadliest Catch” on May 15. It was revealed in the fifth season’s “Bitter Tears” that Anderson’s sister, Chelsea Dawn Anderson, had died under tragic circumstances.

Later, in episode eleven of season six, titled “Blown Off Course,” Anderson learned that his father, Keith Anderson, had vanished and was thought dead after his truck was found abandoned in rural Washington.

In 2012, a hiker found Anderson’s father’s skeleton about a mile from where his truck had been left. Anderson not only became Northwestern’s deck chief in 2012, but he also became licensed as a US Coast Guard Mate 1600-ton Captain and a Master 100-ton Captain that same year. Since the Saga’s inaugural crab season in 2015, Anderson has captained the vessel.

Personal Life of Jake Anderson

Anderson and his wife Jenna are the proud parents of three and make their home in Seattle. Skateboarding fanatic Anderson is sponsored by American clothing and shoe company DVS Shoes. A skate shoe named after him has been produced by the company.

During an interview with Dr. Drew Pinsky, Anderson admitted that he is an alcoholic in recovery and that his habit had left him homeless for two years. The autobiography he wrote, titled “Relapse,” was released by Coventry House Publishing on April 29, 2014, and it became an instant best-seller.

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