Australian Celebrity Jason Momoa Flaunts his Tribal Head Tattoo on Bondi Beach

Celebrating a partnership between Hawaiian Airlines and his water brand, Mananalu, on Wednesday, Jason Momoa showed off his new ink. Australia is taking notice of Jason Momoa.

On Tuesday, the 43-year-old former Game of Thrones actor walked the iconic Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia to show off his new elaborate tribal head tattoo.

The Dune actor rounded up her appearance with a hair bun, black leggings, and black sunglasses, as well as a baby pink All Blacks rugby jersey.

Momoa posted a photo of his new tattoo on Instagram on Wednesday.

A tweet said, “Here we are @hawaiianairlines is back we’re flying to New Zealand HAWAII TO AOTEROA.” “Mahalo to my OHANA for being at my side yesterday @suluape keone it was a genuine honor 20 years in the making,” he captioned the photo of himself in the getup.

Thank you for including water on our journey, @HawaiianAirlines! We appreciate your efforts to reduce the usage of disposable plastic bottles. Constantly exploring new places: @soill “Aloha j”

Actor Tyrese Gibson of “Fast & Furious” fame was among the many who voiced their opinions. I adore you, big bro; your awesome, modest nature is contagious to everyone around you. A lot of people are going to die because of FastX… We’re glad to have you as part of the FAST family, he exclaimed. (Momoa will be included in the tenth film of the Fast franchise.)

Jason Momoa Flaunts his Tribal Head Tattoo

As part of environmental activities to remove trash from the ocean, Momoa debuted the first stage of his new appearance in September by shaving his head. In an Instagram video he posted, he greeted followers with “Aloha, everyone” before demanding “Hand me those braids.”

Momoa continued talking while his shoulder-length hair was being shaved off by clippers; he was holding two long pieces of clipped braided hair.

He then gestured toward the side of his head that had just been shaved and added, “Shavin’ off the hair… doing it for…” Even the breeze, he exclaimed, was something he had never experienced before.

Doing it for one-time plastic usage, Momoa elaborated. “I’m sick of throwing plastic bottles, forks, and anything else that ends up in our land and oceans down the drain.

The native Hawaiian is deeply invested in environmental protection. Earlier this year in August, he flew Hawaiian Airlines from Los Angeles to Hawaii to honor the airline’s sponsorship of his brand, Mananalu Water.

Passengers were taken aback when he started handing out clean water in metal bottles.

@livinglikekylee, a TikTok user, captioned a video of Momoa in action, “When Jason Momoa is your flight attendant.”

The actor posted his own video of the event on his Instagram feed as well.

Recently, Momoa has also started accepting the aging changes to his appearance.

In August, he told James Corden he was attempting to accept his “dad bod” after losing his six-pack from hernia surgery.

Speaking to presenter James Corden (age 44) on The Late Late Show, the actor joked, “Trying to keep that dad bod going for a little bit longer by not doing sit-ups.”

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