Jason Momoa Appears to Show Off a New Tattoo on His Head!

The movie star showed off his new head tattoo in a recent Instagram post. In an Instagram image on September 14, the actor appeared to show off a new head tattoo.
Momoa exclaimed, “Proud to be Hawaiian” as he boarded a Hawaiian Airlines trip to New Zealand.
I have a present for you. When he removed his bowler hat, he exposed what looks to be a brand new permanent tattoo. He referenced the great traditional Hawaiian tattoo artist Keone Nunes in his status. The significance of a tattoo’s placement cannot be overstated in Polynesian culture.
Tattoos on the maka (face) represent years of dedication to the community and an interest in the past.20 years in the making, but it was truly an honour,” Momoa captioned the photo.

He probably spent the last two decades learning about and giving back to the Polynesian community, if the actor’s tattoo is indeed permanent. Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa is his full name, and he was born in Honolulu. This guy has a Native Hawaiian dad.

He has made no secret of his desire to return to the islands of his birth, and he told CNN in 2019 that he has done so numerous times.”I need to be there for my soul,” Momoa said to the media at the time. Whenever I’m not working, I make it a point to travel there.

Jason Momoa Seemingly Reveals New Head Tattoo
Jason Momoa Seemingly Reveals New Head Tattoo

Momoa announces his new Apple TV series, “Chief of War,” at the video’s conclusion on September 14. Following “the story of the unification and colonisation of Hawaii from an indigenous point of view,” the show will focus on the experiences of native Hawaiians.

From 1782 to 1810, Hawaii was unified under a single government. Ka’iana, referred to as the “Prince of Kaua’i,” was portrayed by Momoa. He was instrumental in bringing together Hawaii’s four separate kingdoms. Momoa has been credited as an executive producer in addition to his writing role.

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