Jenna Jameson Illness: She Shared The Last Quote, Better Health Than Before

Jenna Jameson recently revealed to her fanbase that the unidentified sickness she has been fighting for so long is chronic opportunistic virus infection type 19 (COPIV-19).

The 48-year-old ex-Playboy model said on Thursday’s Instagram selfie, “Well, I officially got the coronavirus.”

Just trying to become better,” Jameson said.


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The adult-film starlet also told a tale to put her admirers’ minds at ease after she revealed she had had the coronavirus.

I’m fine, she reassured her concerned friends and family. “I have the corona, so all I have to do is heal.”
Following her January inability to walk, Jameson has started keeping a health journal.

Said in a Tweet That the Condition Was Very Bad

The model from Hawaii has been open about her health on social media after an original diagnosis of Guillain-Barré syndrome was subsequently disproved.
She announced in February that her leg muscles had wasted away to the point where she needed help getting around.

She then posted on social media, “So, you can see I still have movement in my leg, but my quad strength is, really poor, and as you can see I have some atrophy happening.

My legs are emaciated. Don’t worry, though; I’ve only ever had extremely skinny legs. So please, don’t pass judgment on me. Soon, we shall be as good as ever.
Jameson, on the path to comprehending her health difficulties, recently denied that she caught HIV.

The model posted an Instagram photo on August 11 showing an intravenous tube in her arm. She explained that she was undergoing chelation therapy to detox her body of metals.

She said that “the contrast into me poisoned me” due to the accumulation of metals in her blood from the MRI scans she had received during her sickness.

Among the many concerns and expressions of concern about Jameson, one individual tweeted, “I hate to ask but is it HIV?”
After months in a wheelchair, Jameson announced in July that she was finally able to walk without assistance.

She posted a video of her feet walking with the caption, “I want to show you all that I’m walking unaided.” So far, so good: “I mean, I’m not walking correctly, but at least I’m up on my feet.”

Finally, I’m on the mend, guys. “I’m able to walk very well,” she continued. I mean, how awesome is that? The way I feel right now is much improved.

Jameson updated his Instagram followers again, saying, “Still working to walk. Still, it’s the tiny successes along the way, like using the restroom without a walker or wheelchair, that keep me going. Help me out here by praying for my legs; I need all the strength I can get. is the place to go if you want to learn more about the concept of celibacy.

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