Jennifer Lawrence Admits to Experiencing Two Miscarriages Before the Age of 30

Jennifer Lawrence experienced two miscarriages before having a successful pregnancy. The 32-year-old Oscar winner says she got pregnant in her 20s and intended to get an abortion before miscarried. “I had a miscarriage alone in Montreal,” she said in the October edition of Vogue.

Lawrence was pregnant again while filming “Don’t Look Up,” this time with husband Cooke Maroney. She had another miscarriage despite undergoing dilatation and curettage (a technique in which uterine tissue is surgically removed) because she wanted the baby.

Especially in light of the June Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, Lawrence’s past experiences have stayed with him.

She recalled thinking about it several times during her pregnancy. “Contemplating the physical changes that were taking place in me. Also, the entire pregnancy went well. Lucky for me, my pregnancy went smoothly. The constant in my life was that no two moments were the same. And the thought would occasionally cross my mind, “What if I had to do this?”

They announced their pregnancy in September of 2021, and Lawrence and Maroney became parents by December of that year. A boy, whom she identified to Vogue as Cy.

Jennifer Lawrence Admits to Experiencing Two Miscarriages Before the Age of 30

It’s terrifying to even broach the topic of parenthood because it varies so widely across individuals. It’s possible that if I remark, “It was fantastic from the beginning,” some listeners would internalize it as a criticism of themselves, even if they didn’t initially feel that way. Thankfully, I have a lot of trustworthy girlfriends.

The ones who were all “It’s terrifying,” It’s possible that you won’t click right away. It’s possible that romance won’t blossom instantly for you. And so I felt ready and able to extend mercy. When I was nine months pregnant, I was out for a stroll with a close friend and said, “Everyone keeps claiming that I would love my kid more than my cat. On the contrary, the opposite is true. Perhaps I can love him as much as my cat.

She is becoming a mother fundamentally altered her outlook as well.

Upon waking up the morning after giving birth, I felt I had been given a fresh start in life. Such is, “Today is the first day of the rest of my life.” All I did was look. My heart was so full of love. Additionally, I developed an inexplicable fondness for infants worldwide. I can’t get over how amazing newborns are. They’re like these little, delicate, pink survivors who barely made it. I have recently come to adore infants generally. Right now, if a baby starts wailing at a restaurant, my first thought is, “Awwww, preciousssss.”

I’ve made a lot of movies about my mom and my upbringing. She said, “Now that I’m going to observe somebody else’s upbringing, I wonder what will happen. And I have to worry about what he’ll discuss with his therapist. There was no way she could bring herself to insult me. We share a passionate lip lock. That’s why she begged me to skip college,”

Having a kid completely changed Lawrence’s perspective.

She remarked, “My heart has expanded to a capacity that I didn’t know about.” My hubby is included in it. Next thing you know, they’re both just out there, wandering the streets and such. One day he’ll get behind the wheel. He’ll probably be driving like a bumbling adolescent. And with that, I’m just going to say, “Good night!” Precisely who is sleeping?

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