Jessi Combs Death Reason is Revealed Now, What Makes Her the World’s Fastest Female

Jessi Combs Death: Jessi Combs Death: Jessi Combs, a former star of the show “Mythbusters” and a professional race car driver, was killed in an accident on Tuesday while she was attempting to break her record for land speed. In an Instagram post made on Wednesday, her teammate Terry Madden confirmed the news of her passing away.

Who is Jessi Combs?

The American professional racer, TV personality, and metal fabricator Jessica Combs was born on July 27, 1980, and passed away on August 27, 2019. In 2013, she became the first woman to establish a record for her class in land speed (four wheels); in 2016, she surpassed her own record. The phrase “the quickest lady on four wheels” was coined to describe her.

From 2005 through 2009, she was a co-host for the Spike TV show Xtreme 4×4. In 2016, she was featured on the Science Channel’s How to Build… Everything and other series, including Overhaulin’, Mythbusters, The List: 1001 Car Things to Do Before You Die, All Girls Garage, and more.

To break her own four-wheel land speed record, Combs crashed a jet-powered high-speed race vehicle in the Alvord Desert in southwestern Oregon. In June 2020, after her death, Guinness World Records recognized her as the fastest woman on land.

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Jessi Combs Early Life

She is the daughter of Jamie Combs and Nina Darrington and was born on July 27, 1980, in Rockerville, South Dakota. By the time she was two, her family had relocated to Piedmont, South Dakota. Her two biological sisters were Kelly Combs and Danielle Theis, and her three step-sisters were Rebekah Hall, Arielle Hall, and Austin Darrington. In addition to being a jazz pianist, Combs’ great-grandmother, Nina DeBow, raced Stanley Steamers.

In 1998, she earned her diploma from Stevens High. After completing the Collision and Refinishing Core Program, the Street Rod Fabrication and Custom Fabrication Program, and the High-Performance Powertrain Program at WyoTech, Combs received her diploma in 2004. For her first work out of college, Combs was hired by the marketing department at WyoTech, along with another recent alum, to design and construct a brand new automobile in only six months for the Specialty Equipment Marketing Association trade show. In the next paragraph, you can read Jessi Combs Death reason.

Jessi Combs Known as the Fastest Woman on the Earth

No one should be shocked to learn that drivers who compete for land speed records aren’t your typical Joes. Nor are they necessarily skilled and competent race car drivers; names like Andretti, Earnhardt, and Schumacher, for example, aren’t found in the annals of top-tier velocity. They are more likely to be risk-takers who thrive in the spotlight and who want an unconventional lifestyle. This kind of person exists across the gender spectrum, as the new HBOmax documentary, The Fastest Woman on Earth ably demonstrates.

Jessi Combs Death
Jessi Combs was a talented auto fabricator who had a deep passion for fast automobiles and two-wheeled machines alike. She turned her skills and interests into a long record of television appearances, including several popular reality series, and a number of victories in off-road racing. All Girls Garage, Full Throttle TV, Xtreme 4×4, Overhaulin’, and Mythbusters are just a few of the other popular car-related reality shows.

Jessi Combs Death Reason

Jessi Combs, a race car driver and a former host of the show “Mythbusters,” was killed in a high-speed collision, and investigators have discovered what caused the catastrophe.

According to Autoblog, the Harney County Sheriff’s Office discovered that Combs was traveling at speeds reaching 550 miles per hour when “mechanical failure of the front wheel, most likely caused by striking an object on the desert” led to the crash. Combs was attempting to break her own land-speed record at the time of the accident.

Combs, who was known as “The fastest woman on four wheels,” passed away in August as she was attempting to break her own land-speed record of 398 miles per hour on a dry lake bed in the desert of Oregon. According to the report, the malfunctioning mechanism “led to the front wheel assembly collapsing.”  Prior to the vehicle becoming completely engulfed in flames, Combs died as a result of blunt impact injuries to the head. She has reached the age of 39.

Combs has appeared on a number of television shows dedicated to racing and automobiles, such as Velocity’s “Overhaulin'” and the Spike TV series “Xtreme 4×4.” In 2009, she served as a temporary co-host for the show “Mythbusters,” which is broadcast on Discovery. In addition to this role, Combs has also appeared on a number of other racing and automobile-related shows. This is all aboutJessi Combs Death.

Jessi Combs’s Net worth

At the time of her death in 2019, American metal fabricator, racing car driver, and reality TV star Jessi Combs was worth $1 million. Jessi Combs into this world on July 27, 1983, in Rapid City, South Dakota. Instead of taking a full ride to a prestigious interior design school, she opted to stay close to home after graduation.

She chose Wyo Tech because of its Collision and Refinishing Core Program. In 2004, she was the valedictorian of her high school class. The producers of the TLC show “Overhaulin'” saw her potential and invited her to attend as a guest fabricator.


Jessi Combs Death: Jessi Combs was a dynamic racer, TV personality, and metal fabricator noted for her audacity. Jesse’s job involved perilous stunts. Her employment didn’t stop her from aiming high. Jessie died in a car crash on August 27, 2019, while seeking a land speed record. She attempted the record with a jet-powered vehicle. Jesse’s parents haven’t announced her funeral.

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