Jessica Alba Net Worth: How Much Does Jessica Alba Make a Year?

Jessica Alba has achieved unparalleled success as both an actor and a businesswoman. She started acting when she was young, and by the time she was 31, she had made enough money in Hollywood to take the plunge and help build a multibillion-dollar business. Her vast wealth is the direct result of the exponential growth of her company since it was founded.

Here we’ll take a closer look at Jessica Alba’s financial situation, including her current wealth as well as its growth and decline over time. Let’s get down to brass tacks if you’re ready:

Jessica Alba Net Worth

Jessica Alba’s wealth has fluctuated throughout the years due to the value of her Honest Co. shares. According to Forbes, she was valued at over $340 million in early 2021. However, that was when an estimate of $1.7 billion was placed on her business.

The Honest Co. formerly had a market price of roughly $154 million, but with shares trading between $1 and $3, Jessica Alba’s wealth has plummeted. Therefore, Jessica Alba’s wealth in 2023 is almost $100 million.

Although Alba was on track to become a billionaire, she may have to wait a little longer than intended if the value of the Honest Company doesn’t reverse course.

How Much Does Jessica Alba Make a Year?

How Much Does Jessica Alba Make a Year

About $2.7 million is Jessica Alba’s yearly compensation package, including her salary of about $700,000, a bonus of about $500,000, and $1.5 million in restricted stock units. In spite of this, when bonuses and stock awards were included, she made close to $9 million in 2021.

It’s trickier to estimate how much she’ll make in 2022, given the uncertainty of her earnings in 2021, but it’s safe to say that she’ll earn more than she did in 2021 and less than she would in 2022 if you factor in her earnings from side projects and current Hollywood items.

Even so, we can still estimate, with some degree of certainty, how much Jessica Alba earns annually in 2023, based solely on her net worth.

These monetary indicators will be based on her estimated net worth of $100 million. If you’ve ever been curious about Jessica Alba’s salary, we’ve provided a ballpark estimate for each day, month, and year.

To get at this figure, we will assume that Jessica Alba is a competent investor and can generate a 4% yearly income on her combined $100 million net worth (We chose 4% since it is a very reasonable return to expect, given that historical returns on safe assets have been between 3% and 5%).

Therefore, Jessica Alba could easily be making $4 million per year without lifting a finger if she hypothetically liquidated all of her assets and put them in a small number of equities, ETFs, or REITs paying a moderate 4% dividend payout.

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Inside Jessica Alba’s Beverly Hills Mansion: A Luxurious Celebrity Retreat

Alba bought a mansion in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, from film director and Hollywood executive Mike Medavoy at the beginning of 2017. The price was almost $10 million. Alba and her husband Warren worked with interior designers Kathleen and Tommy Clements of Clements Design to make a lot of changes to the house. The house was bought with the help of Alba’s real estate agent father.

The property is in the private, gated community of Oak Pass Road. It is right next door to the home of chef and reality star Lisa Vanderpump, but that’s not the only reason why Alba’s recent purchase is a great find. The 1.85-acre estate has a traditional-style home that might remind you of a classic Hamptons home because of how light and open it is inside.

The property was first offered for almost $11 million, but Alba got a good deal by locking it in for exactly $9.948 million. The last time the house changed hands was in 2011 when Medavoy bought it for $6,425. This shows that he made a lot of money at the Beverly Hills address.

The two-story guest house has a three-car garage, and the estate’s large yard and swimming pool are beyond that. The garden is especially safe from paparazzi, which is almost a must in the celebrity-filled Oak Pass Road neighborhood. Besides the Vanderpumps, Demi Moore, Channing Tatum, and Jon Voight are also famous neighbors.

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