John Odom Net Worth: How Rich is Donald Trump Supporter?

Donald Trump supporter and executive at a construction company John Odom turned 40 this year. He became famous thanks to his wife, Trashelle Odom. Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski has reportedly been accused of sexual harassment by his wife.

She said that Corey fondled her genitalia and legs. John Odom, an executive of a construction company and a supporter of Trump, is a key figure in the company. Supposedly held in the Westgate Las Vegas hotel on September 6, 2021, for the benefit of the Victoria’s Voice Foundation.

To Corey’s right, she sat down. John supplied well for his wife. They also reported the incident to the authorities. Furthermore, Corey hired David Chesnoff to represent him in legal matters. This article provides information about John Odam’s age, wiki, bio, career, net worth, family, and wife.

Corey and Alison Lewandowski have been married for 48 years and have two children. All of the allegations made against the accused were denied by him, and he claimed that someone was out to destroy his political career.

What is the Net Worth of John Odom in 2022?

Odom will have a fortune of more than $6 million by 2022, according to Wakelet’s estimations. This is the outcome of his dominating the American racing scene with Nissan GTRs, beating out some of the world’s top drivers along the way.

John Odom Net Worth

The Early Life of John Odom

Dom landed on Earth in 1981. On the basis of these numbers, John will turn 41 in the year 2022. This successful entrepreneur is also a devout Christian. There aren’t enough details to determine his astrological sign.

John is well-educated and a university graduate, but he has never disclosed this fact. Even in the classroom, he excelled early on. He has a multiethnic heritage with his parents, who are also a mash-up of several cultures.

His family’s background, including his parents’ names and what they did for a living, remains a mystery. There were no hiccups throughout John’s childhood. His parent’s and siblings’ names have not been revealed to the public.

John Odom: Career

John is an intelligent and hardworking man. However, details on his early professional life are scant. Since 2015, John has owned and operated his own construction company, HMH Construction, while also working as a construction executive for Trump Donor.

John is the developer behind the Sky-Line Homes community. There was a time when John wasn’t the most well-known businessman in the area. John has been working there for almost two decades. His wife backs him up in the business as well. There is a dearth of data concerning his achievements.

Personal Life of John Odom

After years of courting and a gorgeous wedding ceremony on July 7, 2017, John finally tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Trashelle Odom. Each person pitches in to help when they can. They have five children: girls Scarlett Odom and Khloé Odom, and a son, Holland Odom.

In Meridian, Idaho, in the United States, a family of six lives in a spacious estate. In September of 2021, his wife faced sexual harassment, as well. John was a great source of comfort for her at the time. To this, Trashelle stated in a statement that she feels “very blessed” to be married to John.

Among John and Trashelle Odom’s five children, two are as well-known as their sister, Scarlett Odom, and her brother, Holland Odom. The identities of the remaining youngsters have not been made public. His son also goes by the name Hudson Odom.

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