Joji Net Worth: How Did He Get Famous?

Joji was born in September 1992 in Osaka, Japan, and he is a musician. His birth name is George Miller, but he went by Joji when he started making music. Popular YouTuber “Filthy Frank” regularly uploads content spanning ukulele tutorials, raps, weird challenges, and more.

Later on, he abandoned the channel to concentrate on his music full-time. He is now widely recognized as a pioneer of the comedic hip-hop movement.

What is the Net Worth Joji?

As a Japanese singer, songwriter, rapper, and record producer, Joji has amassed an $8 million fortune. In September 1992, Joji was born in Osaka, Japan. Formerly known as Filthy Frank, he gained fame on YouTube with his rap and challenge videos as well as his ukulele playing and other musical talents. Joji’s comedy hip-hop music releases have been credited to the name Pink Guy.

His creation, the Harlem Shake, inspired Baauer to write the song of the same name. In 2017, Joji decided to step away from YouTube to focus on his music full-time. He’s best known for his work under the alias Pink Guy, which he used to release the albums Pink Guy (2014) and Pink Season (2017). As Joji, he released the album Ballads 1 in 2018, which debuted at No. 1 on the US R&B and US R&B/Hip-Hop charts and peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard 200. He dabbles in R&B, trip-hop, and lo-fi musical styles.

Biography of Joji

George Kusunoki Miller (born September 18, 1992) is a Japanese singer, songwriter, rapper, comedian, and former YouTuber better known by his stage name Joji. He was formerly known as Filthy Frank and Pink Guy. It has been said that Miller’s music combines elements of R&B, lo-fi, and trip-hop.

In 2011, not long after relocating to the United States, Miller began his YouTube career, becoming known for his portrayal of eccentric characters on the satire channels TVFilthyFrank, TooDamnFilthy, and DizastaMusic. Comedy hip hop, rants, extreme challenges, ukulele, and dance performances were commonplace on the channels, which gained a reputation for their shocking humor and rapid viral spread. Miller’s uploads stoked interest in the Harlem Shake, which in turn boosted sales of Baauer’s song of the same name, which in turn spawned memes and joint projects between YouTube personalities. Miller released two comedy studio albums and an EP under the Pink Guy moniker between 2014 and 2017.

Miller left his YouTube career at the end of 2017 to focus on his musical career as Joji. The song “Slow Dancing in the Dark” was featured on his first album, Ballads 1, which was released in 2018. His singles “Sanctuary” and “Run” appeared on his second studio album, Nectar (2020). His highest-charting single, “Glimpse of Us,” which he released in 2022 and peaked at number ten on the US Billboard Hot 100, will appear on his upcoming third album, Smithereens (2022).

The Early Life of Joji

Joji’s parents were Japanese immigrants who arrived in the United States when George was a child. After graduating from the New York Institute of Technology, George went on to complete his education at Canadian Academy, in Japan. One of his viewers on YouTube gave him the moniker Filthy Frank after watching his first diarrhea-themed comedy video.

He created his first music channel as a dare to his friends, betting that his first video upload would go viral regardless of how offensive it was. And with roughly 10,000 views on that single video, his channel “DizastaMusic” is now permanently hosted on YouTube.

Joji: Career

Initially, George was not all that enthusiastic about pursuing a career in music. The first videos he uploaded to YouTube were comedies. The Pink Guy character was introduced into his hip-hop music as a gradual development. His sudden fame inspired him to take his career as a composer seriously.

The success of his debut album, Pink Guy, fueled his desire to continue making music. In 2017, he began performing publicly under his new name, Joji.

After releasing his album Ballads1 in 2018, Joji quickly rose to the top of the US R&B charts and ultimately landed the #3 spot on Billboard’s R&B albums chart. Joji has a new album out in 2022 called Nectar.

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